TNA Impact: The March 31, 2011 Results in 310 Words (Spoiler Alert)

Elliott SaltaresContributor IMarch 17, 2011

Opens with Anderson dragging Earl Hebner to the ring, demands to know why he was DQ'd giving RVD the win. Anderson wants decision reversed, Earl refuses. Anderson lays out Earl.

Sting comes out, says, "You don't pick on the referees." Sting & Anderson throw down. Out comes RVD, saying he doesn't want the win that way, asks Earl if Anderson can be added to Lockdown main event. Earl says he can't. Bischoff & Hogan hit and announce it will be a Three-Way at Lockdown.

Bischoff announces Sting, Anderson & RVD vs. Flair's team of Abyss, Matt Hardy & Bully Ray tonight in a Steel Cage, saying the network wants ratings, so he will give it to them.

Sting and Anderson start brawling, get held apart.

Steiner over Neal. Jordan & Young on commentary. Doug Williams & Magnus attacked them after.

Max Buck over Jeremy Buck.

Winter over Velvet. Love came out during match, left with Winter.

Anderson calls out Sting to apologize but slaps him instead. They brawl into crowd. Abyss, Matt & Ray attack, RVD makes the save.

Angle calls out Jarrett, says he's not waiting for Lockdown. Jarrett sends out Rob Terry, who Angle beats. Angle chases Jarrett out.

Steel Cage, Abyss & Matt Hardy & Bully Ray over Sting & Anderson & RVD. Sting attacked Anderson on the stage during his intro. Laid him out, making it a three-on-two situation.

Anderson acts like he doesn't want in the cage until Hogan makes him. Anderson shoves RVD off the top, setting up Ray's pin. Anderson walks out.

Heels beat on RVD & Sting. Fortune comes out. Immortal hits as well. Flair locks the cage, faces are get beaten. Christopher Daniels hits the ring from the crowd, hits a flip from the top of the cage, wipes out Immortal.

Faces regroup, run off Immortal. Big reaction for Daniels.



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