TNA Wrestling Victory Road: What TNA Should Have Done

Jack DonaldContributor IMarch 17, 2011

As a fan of TNA, it's been a bumpy time since January 2010, but Victory Road was rock bottom.

We lost the six-sided ring, said goodbye to the King of the Mountain and now had a main event which was nowhere near the standard of the TV bout that took place only two weeks ago. 

Most of the event was of a decent standard. Even the double-countout in the No. 1 contender match wasn't that bad and looks likely to be part of a bigger storyline, but the main event could have been saved. 

I have no inside knowledge, so I will go by the reports that Jeff Hardy wasn't fit to fight.

With that being the case, it's hard to fathom why a new event or at least another match wasn't booked.

For me, there were three options.

One, they could have turned it into a four-way match, following on from the double count out and allowed Hardy to be taken out early on.

However, the downside to that would have been that it wouldn't have made storyline sense and it would take away from the likely main event of Lockdown.

Two, Hardy no-shows or gets taken out backstage, another member of Immortal is given a title shot and they produce a decent match.

Three, run the two-minute match but have Eric Young come out afterwards and demand a unification match.

Young has the mic skills and wrestling ability to put on a good match with Sting and at the moment he's stuck in a storyline that seems to be going nowhere.

Plus, the fans would have gotten their money's worth.

This would solve three issues.

Firstly, it would remove that awful Jeff Hardy belt as Sting would be able to get the real TNA belt. Secondly, it would end a silly storyline and thirdly, it would give Young a push.

But any of the three would have been better than what TNA did.

Personally, I would have picked No. 3 and allowed all current storylines to stay on track as well as getting the real belt back.

Do you agree?

How would you have saved the event?