TNA News: "Apologizes" for Victory Road Debacle, but How Is This a Solution?

Elliott SaltaresContributor IMarch 16, 2011

The following statement was release by TNA on March 16 2011


TNA Wrestling strives to give fans who purchase our pay-per-views as close to a full three-hour event as possible. This past Sunday's "TNA Victory Road" fell short of that standard. Your support of TNA is never taken for granted. To show you how we value that support, we would like to offer six months of free access to the library.

To receive your free offer, please send us a copy of your Victory Road pay-per-view purchase receipt to:

TNA OnDemand Offer

209 10th Avenue South, #302

Nashville, TN 37203

Please be sure and submit your name, address, and email address, as we will be emailing a special code that will unlock over 300 hours of great TNA Wrestling action.

All I can say in response to that is "really ... REALLY?"

They reward a person's loyalty as a paying customer with a code to their website so they gain access to more shoddy material.

This concession comes at no real cost to them. These videos are already posted and subscriptions are low to begin with. Monthly access to this site is $4 a month and so six "free" months equals 24 dollars of "value."

How much did people pay to watch Jeff Hardy and Sting at Victory Road, again?

Where is the other 11 bucks, TNA ?



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