Is Al Davis Still Alive? Poor Lane Kiffin

Ryan LynchContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

So admittedly, I'm not a big Raiders fan.  That said, I think they'd be way better off if Davis pulled a Steinbrenner and gave the team to someone else.

He's a crazy old senile poison to the team.  I don't know if he has any kids, or a wife or anything.  And if he did have kids, the eggs probably hatched and the things flew away and started sucking the blood of wild animals, never again to be seen. 

Either way, he should give the team over to someone.  Just walk down the street and say "Hey, you wanna own the Raiders?"  And after 5,000 people said no to that disaster-fest, he'd have to eventually find someone.  And whoever that person happened to be, would most assuredly be better than him.

The first week of the year, all I can remember is during the Broncos game they kept cutting to him in his wheelchair with that towel over his lap, probably to mop up any excess slobber he forgot to take care of. 

When you do see him it looks like he is in fact dead and is hooked up to strings and being moved around like a marionette.

All that being said, he wrongfully fired Kiffin.  You could have brought Dick Lombardi back from the grave and there is no way he could have fixed that team.  You know the owner has issues when he sends a guy resignation papers, and when the guy refuses to sign them, he's just like: "Well OK then, guess I'll stick with him."

And for every week of this short season, he's said he's going to fire Kiffin.  Poor guy, just pretending he doesn't know he's doomed and kept on trying.  If you want to fire him, grow some balls and do it, don't torture the guy.

Kiffin did what he could with what terrible personnel he had.  He was in the process of making the team better, their offense was picking up and the D was improving.  Davis needs to realize that he can't keep bringing in such terrible personnel, and keep blaming the badness on the coach.

Al Davis is the sole reason the Raiders went from one of the better teams in the league, to one of the worst.  As his senility grows, the ability of his team lessens.  With him at the helm, I don't foresee them ever getting back to the top of football.