TNA Wrestling: Is Sting Regretting His Decision To Stay With TNA?

Josh McCainSenior Writer IMarch 16, 2011

This is just me thinking out loud (so to speak), and I welcome your thoughts in this matter as well.

It was only a month ago that we all thought that the WWE's cryptic promo 2-21-11 meant that Sting would finally make his long-awaited debut inside a WWE ring.

Shoot, the New York Post, in their wrestling section, even reported that the WWE and Sting had signed a contract.

If there were any talks, they obviously broke down somewhere, and Sting went back to TNA and immediately won the title from Jeff Hardy.

Then this past Sunday, Sting "defeated" Hardy in a squash match where it was obvious that Hardy was under the influence of something.

Sting's anger was apparent while he walked up the ramp and headed backstage.

At 51 years old, Sting has very little left in the tank, and I'm sure he wants his last matches to be special.

What happened on Sunday was indeed special, but not the good kind of special.

Whether you like him or not, Sting is an icon in the business and deserves a grand send-off when he retires.

I'm sure TNA will try to do just that, but I doubt they'll be able to pull it off, especially after allowing Jeff Hardy to go near the ring on Sunday.

I just have to wonder, while Sting was changing out of his gear and heading out of the building towards his rental car, if he thought about what might have been if he had finally signed with the WWE.

I'm not saying it won't get better for Sting as he approaches the twilight of his career, but in the back of his mind, he knows that the crap that happened on Sunday would not have been tolerated by the WWE.

Please let me know if you think Sting made the right decision in staying with TNA.

Where I can see his loyalty to TNA, I have to side with Ric Flair when he once said that one day Sting will regret not working with Vince McMahon.