TNA Wrestling: Did Jeff Hardy Embarrass TNA or Did It Embarrass Itself?

Josh McCainSenior Writer IMarch 16, 2011

A lot of TNA fans out there are upset over the main even at "Victory Road" on Sunday night, and they rightfully should be.

Jeff Hardy stumbled down to the ring, and as he taunted fans by pretending to throw his shirt into the crowd and instead lazily dropping it to the outside of the ring, it was apparent something was amiss.

Fans have written articles and posted comments that Hardy embarrassed TNA on Sunday, and frankly I think they're wrong.

Jeff Hardy certainly embarrassed himself and the business on Sunday with his unprofessionalism by showing up to work in no condition to perform. However, he did not embarrass TNA.

TNA did that all by itself by allowing Hardy to go out to the ring.

Listen, this article isn't just another "bash" on TNA, but it's one step forward, two steps back with this company.

TNA has a very talented roster, and because its talent managers and booking agents in the back are so hapless, a lot of its talent (especially homegrown guys) get misused or barely used.

This latest Jeff Hardy incident is just another example that the people running the show over at TNA have not idea what they're really doing.

Say what you will about Vince McMahon and the WWE, but Hardy wouldn't have been allowed near the ring in that condition—not even for a house show.

TNA has absolutely no excuse for it, either.

Hardy wasn't the champ, so he didn't have to wrestle on Sunday. TNA could have easily just replaced him (even with someone who had already wrestled). 

Shoot, they could have even had someone "jump" him backstage just so they could get a shot at Sting.

Sending out anyone to lose to Sting (even a Knock-Out) would have been better than the 90-second debacle TNA treated the fans to.

Here are two other things the WWE would do that I don't expect TNA to do:

First off, had the WWE lost its mind for a moment and sent Hardy to the ring, Vince McMahon would issue an apology to the fans either on television or via the website.

After all, when things have gone horribly wrong in the WWE, McMahon has always been man enough to admit his mistake and apologies to the fans.

Secondly. the WWE would have also released Hardy immediately.

Go ahead, hop on over to right now—you'll see Hardy prominently featured on the front page.

And, I expect on Impact on Thursday to hear Tazz and Mike Tenay talk about how dominant Sting was in that main event and further insult the fans.

Whether you're a TNA mark or a WWE mark or just an overall wrestling fan, you deserve better than what TNA gave you.

Yes, it's Hardy's fault that he either got liquored or doped up before a match—but TNA has to look out for the safety of its performers. Sending out a wrestler (especially a flier like Hardy) to the ring to compete isn't good for business and isn't safe for its performers.