Battle of the Big Mouth Receivers

Doctor RotoContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

Terrell Owens would like to announce for the first time in his career, he isn’t mad at his quarterback and the other players on his offense.

TO was suspected that he made comments after the Dallas Cowboys game against the Washington Redskins, towards his quarterback Tony Romo. He then said that his comments were blown out of proportion and were a coming from his frustration.

TO has a history of wanting the ball and if he’s not getting it, he lets his team know. This season it was seemed that he was turning around from his, "needing the ball every down" to becoming more of a team player.

TO has started the season with decent numbers having four touchdowns through the first four games but is still only held to just 17 catches. These are not "normal" Terrell Owens numbers, but it is not in the catches that you see the difference in his play. It is the hustle that he has added to his step; throwing his body around to make open holes for his teammates, and running down the field with them to throw some blocks.

Owens did take a lot of smack talk from the ESPN analysts including Keyshawn Johnson about his comments, and then Owens decided to provide a comeback for Johnson. TO began his rebuttal by referring to Keyshawn as “Sheshawn” multiple times.

 “[As the number one overall pick in the 1996 draft] he is the ultimate underachiever on that panel. I am the reason he is in the booth. Everybody is aware when I was brought to Dallas he was the one they let go to get me here,” Owens said.

Though in his speech there was one thing that Owens did agree with the guys about, and that was that Jerry Rice was the best receiver of all time. “But I am second,” said Owens automatically putting himself above both Johnson and Chris Carter.