TNA Victory Road Results and Review

Charlie GSenior Writer IMarch 14, 2011

TNA Victory Road Results and Review

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    Victory Road was live on pay-per-view from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. 

    There were eight matches on the card and four of them were title matches.

    One of the four title matches saw a new champion, while the other three saw the champions retain.

    I made predictions to this event days before it took place. Check them out here:

    Here are the Victory Road results:

Bully Ray Vs. Tommy Dreamer

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    This was the first match of the event.

    Bully Ray announced to everyone that it would be under No Disqualification rules.

    This match had a lot of weapons used in it. There were Singapore canes, tables, canes, water, water bottles, trash can lids, a trash can, a blow up doll and a Despicable Me stuffed character.

    This match was used to get the crowd amped up. 

    Dreamer and Ray fought in the ring, outside the ring and in the crowd. 

    The live audience kept giving Dreamer water bottles and other items. One fan even gave Tommy a stuffed character from the Despicable Me movie.

    Dreamer pulled a blow up doll out from underneath the ring. He hit Ray with a trash can lid and Ray fell on top of the doll.

    Ray set up a table and told everyone that "this one's for Devon." He set Dreamer up in a powerbomb, but Devon's music hits.

    It's Devon's kids. Ray's attention is off Dreamer, allowing Devon to sneak into the ring and for Devon and Dreamer to hit Ray with a 3D for the win.

    Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Sarita and Rosita Vs. Angelina Love and Winter

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    This match was for the Knockout Tag Team Championships.

    For me, Sarita and Rosita would get the win quick and easy. However that wasn't the case.

    Sarita and Rosita had a lot of miscommunication during the match. They set up for a double-team move but it backfired every time.

    Love and Winter worked well together—Winter was actually wearing in-ring gear for once.

    Love and Winter pulled off a great double-team move. Winter picked up either Sarita or Rosita (I forgot which one) in a fireman's carry (or in this case, a firewoman's carry) and Angelina hit a Botox Injection. The nice double team wouldn't pick up the win.

    Towards the end of the match, Angelina and Sarita were brawling outside the ring as Winter watched on. Referee Earl Hebner went to break it up. 

    Rosita grabbed one of the belts and was waiting for Winter to turn around to hit her with it. Out comes Velvet Sky, who grabbed the belt from Rosita, allowing Winter to get Rosita in a roll-up.

    With Hebner checking on Love, Sarita was allowed to enter the ring and help Rosita put Winter in a roll-up for the win.

    After the match, Love and Winter blamed Velvet for the loss.

    Winner: New Knockout Tag Team Champions, Sarita and Rosita.

Kazarian Vs. Max Buck Vs. Jeremy Buck Vs. Robbie E

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    Before the match, Jeremy Buck agreed to help Max win the title.

    This match was great. There were a lot of great spots throughout the entire match. 

    Kazarian slammed Max face-first into the steel structure; Jeremy Buck did a huge moonsault to take out Robbie E and Kazarian; Kazarian hit an RKO-type Cutter on Max while he was falling off the cables.

    This was the match of the night for me—I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Kazarian got to hit Jeremy Buck with a Flux Capacitor and hit Robbie with a leg drop from the cables above.

    Everyone was knocked out towards the end. The only man in the ring was Jeremy Buck. Despite agreeing to help his brother win, Jeremy started to climb the cables. Max came into the ring and yelled at Jeremy.

    Jeremy agreed with Max, told him to climb and that he'd protect him. Once Max climbed the turnbuckle he looked across the ring at his brother, who was standing on the turnbuckle opposite of him.

    Max mouthed the words, "What are you doing?" to Jeremy. The brothers raced to the middle of the X structure and exchanged blows to the head inches away from the belt.

    A ladder entered the ring; Robbie soon followed. He took the ladder and swatted the Bucks out of the air like flies. In the meantime, Kazarian was climbing the steel structure from the outside of the ring!

    Robbie set up the ladder and proceeded to fist pump before climbing. As Robbie was fist pumping, Kazarian was walking across the cables like a high-wire circus act.

    The two men met in the middle of the structure—Robbie below the belt, Kazarian above it. They started a tug-of-war contest over the belt. Kazarian kicked Robbie off the ladder and grabbed his championship and descended from the structure, still the X Division Champion.

    Winner: Kazarian 

Ink Inc. Vs. Beer Money

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    I was looking forward to this match and it delivered.

    It started with James Storm and Jesse Neal going back and forth. Not punching or kicking—just taking each other to the mat solely using headlock takeovers and arm drags.

    After a good exchange of arm drags and quick pins, Neal and Storm smiled, shook hands and tagged in their respective partners.

    Roode and Moore would pick up the action. Roode overpowered Moore with most of his moves.

    This match could've gone either way. Lots of back-and-forth action in this one. Ink Inc. had a lot of near falls on the champions.

    In the end, Beer Money was setting up for a DWI on Moore but Neal speared Storm out of the ring, allowing Ink Inc. to hit their finishing move on Roode.

    Another near fall as Roode barely kicked out at two. You could see the frustration building on Moore's face; he was angry.

    Moore got up and grabbed the book of D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. and wrapped the chain around his fist. Jesse was telling Moore, "No. We don't win like this!" If Moore did hit Roode they would've lost anyway. The referee was right there the whole time.

    Moore, chain in hand, ordered Neal to hold Roode. Just as Neal went to grab Roode—BAM!

    Huge Last Call super kick from James Storm. This was the biggest and best super kick ever! Yes—ever!

    Storm nearly decapitated Jesse! Shannon went to hit Storm with his chain but Storm ducked and caught Moore with the Lungblower, then fed Moore to Roode, who set Moore up in a DWI and got the win.

    Winner: Beer Money Inc.

    After the match, Beer Money helped Ink Inc. up and extended their hands. Neal smiled and shook their hands, while Shannon ran over and spit beer in the face of James Storm and fled the ring. Neal and Beer Money started yelling at Shannon. Neal went out to Shannon who said Jesse needs to toughen up. They will never be champions if he doesn't.

    Possible heel turn for Ink Inc. soon? Or breakup? 

Matt Morgan Vs. Hernandez

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    This feud has been going on for a year and will definitely continue after the outcome of this match. It's ridiculous.

    This was a First Blood match and was rather short. 

    Morgan was dominant the whole match. 

    Morgan got distracted when a fan ran into the ring. The referee tackled the fan and proceeded to call security. During the shuffle, the referee got knocked out. As Morgan had his back turned, Hernandez pulled out a chain and tried to hit Morgan with it.

    Morgan caught Hernandez' hand, grabbed the chain and hit Hernandez with it.

    Hernandez fell into the corner and buried his face in his shirt and bandana. Morgan was yelling for a referee because he believed that Hernandez was bleeding. 

    Morgan went to grab Hernandez from the corner but Hernandez squirted fake blood on Morgan's chest. Morgan set up for a Carbon Footprint, when a referee finally came out—Jackson James. He saw the fake blood on Morgan and assumed it was real, declaring Hernandez the winner.

    Winner: Hernandez.

    Morgan argued with James but to no avail. This isn't the first time Morgan has been screwed by the rookie referee Jackson James. Morgan gave James the middle finger and began to leave.

Matt Hardy Vs. AJ Styles

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    This was another good match on the card.

    Matt Hardy and AJ Styles can really work well together. 

    This match went back and forth; really nice action in between.

    At one point, Hardy went to throw AJ into the guardrail, but AJ slide under the rail and hit Hardy with a flying forearm. It was a great spot.

    Despite Flair being ringside, AJ did good for himself.

    He hit his patented Pele kick, as well as some moonsaults.

    Matt Hardy also had some nice moves in the match. He did a moonsault and even locked AJ in a picture-perfect submission hold.

    AJ busted out the Spiral Tap for the win. I haven't seen that move in ages and AJ did it perfectly. You think John Morrison's Starship Pain is good? Find a video of AJ doing the Spiral Tap.

    Winner: AJ Styles 

    Tazz called this match his favorite of the night. It was really good, but I liked the Ultimate X better.

    After the match, AJ hit Flair with a low blow and continued up the ramp. 

Mr. Anderson Vs. RVD

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    RVD vs. Anderson: Sound good? It wasn't.

    I was looking forward to this one, but I hate how it ended.

    The crowd was split between the two; more RVD fans than Anderson fans.

    In the beginning of the match, there was a pretty noticeable botch.

    Anderson was running at RVD and Van Dam went to leap frog over Anderson, but came down on Anderson's head. Anderson played the botch off pretty nicely. After botching, Anderson hit RVD with a clothesline from behind and said he meant to do that.

    Both guys were better after that minor problem.

    They fought outside the ring and RVD put Anderson on the guardrail, then went for his spinning leg drop but Anderson moved and RVD hit his knee/leg hard on the guardrail. It looked and sounded like it hurt.

    Following that, the match continued in the ring. RVD hit a big rolling thunder. Tazz called it a "Rolling Thunder from Hell."

    The two continued to go back and forth; then RVD launched himself at Anderson and both men fell out of the ring.

    They continued their fight on the entrance ramp and Anderson hit a Mic Check. Referee Jackson James was counting both men out so far.

    The count was up to around six when only Anderson began to get up. By the time Anderson reached the ring apron, he and RVD were counted out.

    DRAW: Double Countout.

    Who will TNA name No. 1 contender? We'll have to see this Thursday on iMPACT! 

Jeff Hardy Vs. Sting

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    Both men were in the ring and about to start when Eric Bischoff came out and made it a No Disqualification match.

    Sting punched Bischoff in the face and Bischoff left the ringside.

    Jeff Hardy spent about a minute teasing the live audience with his t-shirt. Who was he going to throw to? Who cares? After a minute of teasing the fans he just dropped it in the ring.

    Finally—the action can start!

    Sting kicked Hardy and hit the Scorpion Death Drop for the three-count to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

    The match lasted one minute and 28 seconds.

    Winner: Sting

    That's it—the end of Victory Road.

Conclusion and My Thoughts

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    TNA also played some skits of the Jarrett's honeymoon.

    Jeff took the whole family to an amusement park. Karen hated it and Jeff and the kids loved every second of it.

    Karen really wanted to leave and go back to the hotel, calling their honeymoon a "family vacation."

    Jeff was really loving the park and kept going on rides and all that good stuff.

    The final segment shown was Jeff wanting to call a truce between him and Kurt Angle this Thursday on iMPACT!

    Overall, Victory Road was a good pay-per-view. I enjoyed it. I'm not saying TNA "stole my $34.95" because I'm glad I paid for this event.

    Sure, the main event was upsetting, but that wasn't a match I was looking forward to. What can you expect from a 52-year-old and a drug addict? 

    The best matches were the Ultimate X, Ink Inc. vs. Beer Money and Matt Hardy vs. AJ Styles. Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer, Matt Morgan vs. Hernandez, RVD vs. Anderson, and the Knockout Tag Team matches were good too. 

    This was a good pay-per-view. Any TNA fan would enjoy this card.

    iMPACT! Preview:

    Who is the No. 1 contender for Sting's World Title at Lockdown?

    Jeff Jarrett wants a truce with Kurt Angle.

    What's next for Shannon Moore, Jesse Neal and Ink Inc.?

    What's next for Generation Me?

    Matt Morgan and The Beautiful People vs. Sarita, Rosita and Hernandez in a Street Fight! 

Dennis Stanfield's Review

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    Must watch!

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