Al Davis, The Cancer That Is The Holding Back The Oakland Raiders

J TCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2008

Certain variables affect teams in a negative way. Usually, these variables can be resolved, but what if the problem lies at the top? What can you do?

Al Davis runs the Oakland Raiders and has for a very, very long time. He has done many great things for the NFL and the Raiders in the past. The past is the past though. 

These days, he does nothing except make negative moves that hold the franchise back. Whether it be from the players he drafts (many first round busts), or overpaying for free agents that are terrible (DeAngelo Hall), or continually firing head coaches like he has done today. 

Earlier today, Mr. Davis fired a young, promising coach in Lane Kiffin. He was a player's coach that people had respect for and thought he was doing a good job. There's a reason people thought he was doing well, becuase he was. 

His record does not accurately reflect how well he was doing. Bright spots were noticed, players were playing better, there was just a couple things that held them back: the youth of the team, and the lack of depth.

Al continues to believe that he still has a clue as to what is going on in the NFL. Obviously, via the draft, you can tell he doesn't. He drafts like he preparing a relay team for the 2012 Olympics and not a NFL dynasty. He takes speed over need, sexy over necessity.

He has officially lost his mind.

Why won't he come to terms with this? Who knows, but something needs to be done to get him out of office and this is my proposal.

Raider fans, BOYCOTT GAMES.

This will get the message across. He obviously doesn't want to win, so why give the man money? You could say "Who would I sell my tickets to if I'm going to boycott? The others team's fans?" and my reply would be, "Most certainly". Who cares? Al obviously doesn't want to win and he obviously needs to get the hint that he is hurting the team.

Empy seats are the greatest way to get this message across because if you're a fan of this team, you obviously cannot be happy with the recent personnel moves.

So I ask you this Raider Nation, boycott games, don't go. Sure you might have to eat a little bit of cash you may have already spent on the tickets, but is it worth a few more years of terrible decision making and bad teams?

Not in my opinion. Once again, do not go to games, leave seats empty, maybe this is what we need to get this through Al Davis' senile head.