WWE: Rey Mysterio Is Staying; Sin Cara Could Go to RAW

Luis HerreraAnalyst IMarch 13, 2011

SAN DIEGO - JULY 12:  New cruiserweight champion Rey Mysterio Jr acknowledges the crowd after defeating Jericho during the WWE Bash at the Beach event at Cox Arena in San Diego, California on July 12, 1998.  (Photo by Elsa /Getty Images)
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One of the hottest topics this weekend was an alleged threat of Rey Mysterio to retire if WWE doesn’t release him.

The original “report” stated that Mysterio asked for his release before Sin Cara’s introductory press conference in Mexico City, which somehow turned into “Mysterio is jealous of Sin Cara” comments in several forums, including this website.

Rey Mysterio is not going anywhere.

The Master of 619 was in Mexico this weekend for autograph signings and interviews with the national mass media, including an appearance in the SmackDown broadcast.

Among other topics, Mysterio talked about Alberto del Rio’s chances to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXVII, his own match against Cody Rhodes in Atlanta, Sin Cara’s incoming debut and the RAW tour in Mexico for next May.

Rey Rey said he wouldn’t like Del Rio to win the championship because of his “long friendship” with Edge—as long as the Rated-R Superstar stays face, he forgot to add.

Anyway, in case the Mexican Aristocrat becomes the new champion, Mysterio said: “Edge would get his rematch and next it would be me, he (Del Rio) has to give me a chance.”

Just to clarify: I don’t think Mysterio was spoiling that he will be Del Rio’s first challenger after ending the storyline with Edge. Mexican wrestlers never break kayfabe, so he was probably talking in terms of his status as No.2 face in SmackDown, which would make him the next in line for the championship, like in boxing.

What he probably did spoil was that his match against Cody Rhodes will be Wrestlemania’s opener.

“(We) are two generations facing each other, two wrestlers eager to give the public what it deserves, to make them happy and that after our match stay willing to keep watching Wrestlemania”, Mysterio said.

Not even once did he mention anything about leaving the WWE in the near future.

Sorry to all those in the IWC who hate Mysterio, but he is not leaving the building.


Sin Cara headed to RAW

During his appearance in the SmackDown broadcast, Mysterio didn’t rule out to have a program with Místico (Sin Cara), but he teased it won’t happen immediately.

Then, in one interview with a local newspaper, he said that he believes Sin Cara is headed to RAW.

Mysterio added in another interview that it would be nice to see the three Mexican wrestlers in RAW’s tour of Mexico scheduled for next May. He made it sound like Sin Cara is confirmed to be on those shows.

There is one important factor to send Sin Cara to RAW instead of making him join Mysterio and Del Rio in Smackdown: WWE’s broadcasts in Mexico are split between two rival networks.

Televisa and cable station TVC Deportes broadcast RAW, while TV Azteca has SmackDown.

Televisa is the biggest Spanish-language network in the world and it wouldn’t be happy letting TV Azteca having all the Mexican wrestlers in the WWE, especially now that the company has become a huge success in Mexico.

That also explains in part why are we watching Alberto del Rio so often in RAW.


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