WWE Wrestlemania XXVII: How to Replace Money in the Bank

Luis HerreraAnalyst IMarch 5, 2011

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We are just three weeks away from Wrestlemania 27, and it seems clear now that the Money in the Bank match won’t take place this year in the Grandest Stage of Them All.

It’s a shame, but it makes sense to be honest. Now that MITB has its own pay-per-view (and the first edition was a very good one), it’s better to avoid overusing the match.

The bad side of this, of course, is that Wrestlemania loses what had been a show-stealer match in the past six years; so many fans are mad about it.

(Side note: isn’t it funny that, in a card with basically four main events, fans are complaining about not having one specific mid-card match?)

The fact we don’t get to see a MITB match in Wrestlemania is not that bad. After all, now we have two matches of that kind per year, and we’ll get to see main-eventers in those matches, not only upper mid-carders.

The problem is, well, now, the upper mid-carders don’t have a spot to shine in Wrestlemania.

John Morrison, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Evan Bourne, Ted DiBiase, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and Kofi Kingston don’t have anything clear in the Road to Wrestlemania.

Bryan and Sheamus are supposed to feud over the United States Championship, but both were destroyed on the last RAW.

Morrison and Ziggler have been linked to a Divas match, but they didn’t even appear on TV this week—same case of Kofi (rumored to join Big Show in a match against The Corre) and DiBiase.

McIntyre is teasing a feud with Edge, but that’s a post-Wrestlemania story, while Bourne’s victory was actually seen as a burial for the defeated wrestler instead of a push for him.

That’s too much talent to waste for the WWE.

The creative staff needs to find a way to give their young stars a spot to showcase their abilities in Wrestlemania—not just throw them in random matches.

Money in the Bank has been a great way to start a big push for a promising wrestler, so the WWE should keep that tradition, although with a different kind of match and stipulations.

A new No.1 contender match (which is what MITB basically is) is needed in Wrestlemania.

What kind of match can the WWE use for this purpose? A gimmick multi-men match is needed.

Obviously, it can’t be a ladder match. The second best option to use many wrestlers is probably the Elimination Chamber, but that also has its own pay-per-view.

Hell in a Cell? That also got its pay-per-view (a very bad one). Tables, Ladders and Chairs? That’s basically an “Extreme MITB”.

I got it: a steel cage match.

No disqualifications, no pin-falls, no escaping through the door. There is limited space, so no more than four men, two from each brand. Two faces, two heels.

Let’s say John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler from RAW, Drew McIntyre and Kofi Kingston from SmackDown (obviously, Ziggler would be a last minute signing before RAW qualifying matches).

The winner gets a world title match. To make it different from MITB, the title match is locked for SummerSlam against the champion he wants.

To increase the importance of a victory, the losers are banned from world title matches until Summerslam. It’s win or get stuck in the mid-card.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Escape for your Chance match.


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