NBA: Hey, David Stern, If You Read This, Fine Me for Writing This Article

Ben GoldsteinContributor IIIMarch 14, 2011

David Stern
David SternNoel Vasquez/Getty Images

The commissioner of basketball, David Stern, has taken his authority to a whole new level.

After Stern took away the team I grew up with the Seattle Supersonics I knew that he was one of my least favorite people of all time. I still have all the memories of Gary Payton, "The Glove", making the great pass or lighting up the field with is great release or Shawn Kemp, "The Reign Man", or one of my favorites Brent Barry draining threes all year long I was very angry with what he had done and now its gone because Stern does not care.

Now don't get me wrong I still love the game, but the politics of the league are really starting to bother me, and probably not only me. 

The center for the Orlando Magic Dwight Howard was recently suspended for one game after receiving his 16th regular season technical foul. The coach for the Orlando Magic Stan Van Gundy was not too happy about it and was asked about it during in a interview.

"This is the system David Stern and his minions like, so that's the system you have..I certainly can't have an opinion because David Stern, like a lot of leaders we've seen in this world lately, don't really tolerate other people's opinion or free speech or anything. So I'm not really allowed to have an opinion. So it's up to him. He decides and he likes the system he has."

Sure Van Gundy take a shot at Stern but he is exactly right about Stern. Stern does not allow free speech in his league and in the country we live in there is an amendment that gives you the right to free speech. And that amendment is the 1st amendment. 

If anyone that is affiliated with the NBA says anything that is bad about the rules of the NBA then they are getting fined no matter what. 

I can understand fining somebody when they go on a tirade with a lot of curse words during an interview but when an opinion is given in a manner that is very calm expressing there disgust with Stern and his minions. 

The NBA and David Stern need to be men and take the criticizing and not be sneaky little cowards and fine people.

I'm just hoping Stern and the NBA read this and I get fined, because that would just make my day.