Throwing Tomatoes: Upset City in College Football

Kevin PaulSenior Analyst ISeptember 29, 2008

It was another wild week in the world of sports—one of the craziest in a while, as a matter of fact.  In college sports, it was “upset city.”  In the pros—“choke city.”  But no matter what city you’re in, the tomatoes aren’t far away—take the following bushel—shipped straight to Upset City, USA.


Throwing Tomatoes Volume XVIII


It wasn’t slated as a sexy matchup—the Beavers and Trojans.  Keep your mind out of the gutter!

Sure, Oregon State deserves props, but on the USC side, this one has to fall on Coach Carroll.  First conference game in a pumped up environment, and plain and simple, the Trojans didn’t appear ready to play.  I guess team prep is what really is becoming “ridiculously difficult.”



I heard Uga VII kept trying to lift his leg on the offense during the first half.

It wasn’t just a blackout for the ‘Dawgs, but more a black-and-blue-out.  Give them some credit though, they fought hard in the second half, even after falling behind 31-0 to ‘Bama—and as tough as the SEC is, Georgia is still right in the thick of things.



Somewhere out there, Ed Orgeron is smiling.

Ole Miss is talented—just ask former head coach Ed Orgeron, who also had a hand in recruiting a lot of USC’s talent a few years back.  With that being said, the Gators let this one slip away.  I don’t agree with the fourth down call—either go for the 50-yard game winner or try a different play call—but that’s just me.



Nine turnovers made this game messier than Charlie Sheen’s love life.

The Badgers just can’t find a way to beat the Wolverines at Michigan Stadium.  Plain and simple, they shot themselves in the foot by settling for four-first half field goals after all those Michigan turnovers.  The result—a huge win for Rich Rod and Michigan.


East Carolina

“Houston, we have a problem.”

It’s hard to believe this was the team that beat Virginia Tech and West Virginia to open the season.  After dropping an overtime heartbreaker to N.C. State, the Pirates were beaten down by Houston.  Yes, Houston.


Wake Forest

It was more sink than swim for Riley Skinner and the Demon Deacons.

Six turnovers and 43 yards rushing was all Wake Forest could muster in what ended up being Navy’s first win against a ranked team since 1985.



Ouch!!  I think I just sat in Tommy Bowden’s seat—or maybe it was Phil Fulmer’s…

The Terps are solid, and should be ranked after knocking off back-to-back ranked teams.  Even so, Clemson is loaded—and continues to underachieve.  With two losses already, Bowden and the coaching staff may finally pay the price.



Honorary Tomato Throwers of the Week

Because those who found success earn a chance to sling one at their opposition.


Duke—at Virginia, after a 31-3 win that ended a 25-game ACC losing streak.

Trimane Goddard—at Miami, after stealing a game-clinching interception on the final play.


This has been “Throwing Tomatoes”… “Choke City” is just down the street—check it out.