Throwing Tomatoes: Choke City in Pro Sports

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Throwing Tomatoes: Choke City in Pro Sports

It was another wild week in the world of sports—one of the craziest in a while, as a matter of fact.  In college sports, it was “upset city.”  In the pros—“choke city.”  But no matter what city you’re in, the tomatoes aren’t far away—take the following bushel—shipped straight to Choke City, USA.


Throwing Tomatoes Volume XIX

New York Mets

…for blowing a chance at the playoffs on the last day—again.

After back-to-back blown seasons for the Mets, it’s no doubt going to be a tough offseason for New York fans.  It’ll be even tougher when they rename the Heimlich maneuver after the team.


Rodney Harrison

…for calling Ricky Williams a dirty player.

If that isn’t “the pot calling the kettle black,” I don’t know what is.


Al Davis

…for his decision making skills—or lack thereof.

Seriously, either fire Lane Kiffin, or don’t fire him.  For crying out loud, Billy Donovan is better at making decisions.


Lance Armstrong

…for coming out of retirement.

C’mon Lance, didn’t you consult Michael Jordan and Brett Favre before doing this?  Oh wait…


St. Louis Rams

… for being flat out awful.

Like the Dolphins in 2007, the Rams will get a bushel a week until they can win a game.  Firing Linehan is a good start for this franchise.


Terrell Owens

… for being himself.

So many members of the media have harped on how T.O. has changed.  Well, lookie at what we have here—a little adversity, and a game or two with a lack of stats, and good ol’ T.O. shines through.  Anyone else want to say I told you so?


Philadelphia Eagles

… for their fourth quarter play calling against the Bears.

All those runs up the middle against the Bears with the game on the line?  How about a little play action with your biggest weapon, Donovan McNabb?  I don’t get it.



Honorary Tomato Throwers of the Week

Because those who found success earn a chance to sling one at their opposition


Detroit Lions—at Matt Millen.  Hey Detroit fans: This time, you finally got your wish!

St. Louis Rams—at Scott Linehan.  Firing him was the right move.  In a press conference a week ago, Linehan came across as the type that would have trouble finding his way out of a paper bag.

Milwaukee Brewers—at those who questioned their decision to fire manager Ned Yost.  The Brew Crew reached their goal—they’re playoff bound.

Washington Redskins—at the Cowboys, and everyone else who said they didn’t have a shot in “Big D.”


This has been “Throwing Tomatoes." “Upset City” is just down the street—check it out.


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