Brett Favre's Career Day Lifts Jets Past Cardinals

John MeadusCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008

Brett Favre has broken just about every NFL passing record you can imagine in his career.  But never before did he throw six touchdown passes for the Green Bay Packers, like he did yesterday for the Jets.

The game started out very sloppy, like the Michigan-Wisconsin game on Saturday.  Warner fumbled twice on the first drive and three times in the first half, along with two INTs, one of which was returned by Darrelle Revis for a touchdown in the second quarter.

Favre also had a shaky first quarter, making a very bad throw across his body and the field when it looked like he thought he had a free play because he thought the guy was offside.

The second quarter started with a 12-yard TD pass to Coles.  That started the air show that would continue for the rest of the game.  Three plays later Revis had his pick-six.  Favre would connect with Coles two more times in the quarter and after two Jay Feely field goals, the Jets would score 34 points in one quarter.

Now I have been a Jets fan for a little while now, and I can't remember at all a time when the Jets scored 34 points in a half, or a game for that matter, let alone one quarter.

At halftime it was 34-0. But I'm not going to lie—I turned it off because the Mets game was on and I figured that this one was over.

Well, while I was watching the Mets game on TV, I was following the Jets game on my computer because Favre is my fantasy QB.

The third quarter started with Edgerrin James rushing for a touchdown.  That's okay; I knew the Jets' D wasn't good enough to shut out a very good Cardinals offense.  Then, only about five minutes later I flipped channels to see what was going on during a commercial and the Cardinals were on the two-yard line again.

James ran another one in for a TD and I thought, "There's no way the Jets can blow a 34-point halftime lead, is there?"  Not three minutes later, I look at my computer and the Cardinals are again inside the five-yard line. This time Hightower runs one in for a touchdown.

That was about the time I started to think these guys are really going to blow this game.  It was now 34-21 going into the fourth quarter.

Thankfully, after that it just turned into the Favre-Warner show with both QBs exchanging TD passes for the rest of the game, Favre with three and Warner with two in the quarter.

The Jets showed that they have the ability to score points, which I knew they would be able to do with a good offense.  But the defense showed a lot of weakness in the secondary.  Their run defense is really doing well this season, giving up fewer than 50 yards rushing in the game.  But the secondary giving up 472 yards in the air is a little much.

The Jets now go into their bye week with a lot to work on and the easy part of the schedule coming up, where they will face the Bengals, Raiders, and Chiefs in the next three weeks.  They should win these games and be 5-2 going into the game with the Bills in Buffalo week nine.


P.S. Look I know that it's their history and everything, but those are the ugliest jerseys in the league and I think it might be time to lay those to rest for a while now.