Mike Tomlin May Start To Feel Pressure if This Keeps Up!

Erik DianaCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2008

The Steelers have invested over $100 million in their starting quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, and he may be in a coma by the end of the first year because of his head coach!

To say that Mike Tomlin called a terrible game, along with Bruce Arians, last Sunday in Philadelphia would be the understatement of the year! Mike Tomlin looked like a JV coach against Jim Johnson's blitz package.

Tomlin couldn't figure out to call screen plays, draws, or roll outs that would protect his quarterback a bit more than leaving empty-backfield sets against a team that was throwing two more blitzers than blockers. And it only gets better!

It looked like Tomlin couldn't figure out that something, anything needed to change to give his team a shot to win. Let's not forget that the Steelers were one touchdown away from being in the lead most of that game.

The worst part of that game was not watching Ben Roethlisberger get hit over and over and over again: The worst part was knowing that the NFL is a copycat league and every team the Steelers face are going to bring the house down until the Steelers prove they can stop it!

Or until Mike Tomlin proves that he is smart enough to stop it!

In the 2006 season, the Ravens pasted the Steelers 27-0 in Baltimore and then humbled them again in Heinz Field to knock them out of the playoffs. And the way Baltimore's defense is looking again, the Steelers easily could get shut out again.

And there will be Tomlin, sticking up for his offensive coordinator, who was fired from the powerhouse Browns, about getting prepared for the next week. It was a joke the way he handled his team last week.

I know many Steelers fans are remembering the butt-kicking that they handed the Ravens on Monday Night Football last year. I'm not trying to be too cynical here, but the Ravens were without their two starting cornerbacks that day, and Big Ben took advantage of that big time!

You know the Ravens are licking their chops, thinking about confusing Roethlisberger the way they did two years ago and making him pay with punishing hit after punishing hit. And Rex Ryan is thinking of ways to outclass his opponents on the other side of the ball. The way Tomlin's career has gone, it won't be that tough!

Since he's been the head coach of the Steelers, they have put no significant stock in trying to upgrade their offensive line. Kevin Colbert is to blame for a lot of this, too!

You would think that they would have realized that they needed an offensive lineman big time after Jacksonville humiliated them twice at Heinz Field. But who did they draft? A running back that appears at least a year away from making any kind of difference.

Who did they take in the second round? A lineman perhaps? No, they took a wide receiver that doesn't even suit up for them on gamedays! A second-round pick that contributes nothing already; that looks genius.

Their third-round pick was a lineman, right? Nope, they drafted another position that they completely bolstered in last year's draft and were already stockpiled in at linebacker with the choice of Bruce Davis.

Tony Hills and a freshly released Justin Hartwig from the Carolina Panthers were their attempts at trying to buttress the offensive line! What a shame! What a joke! Meanwhile, Ben Roethlisberger is praying to be able to have two seconds to release the ball and not get hit on every pass play.

If this keeps up for another year or two, the Steelers are going to be cellar dwellers for quite some time, and Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert should pay the price. The great offense they hoped to have is going to sputter constantly until Tomlin and Colbert realize that their offensive line is in need of an overhaul!

The Steelers have the worst schedule in the NFL, and injuries are already catching up with them. They have a head coach that can't counter for anything, a porous offensive line, and no depth at defensive line.

Tomlin has a lot of say in whom the team drafts, too, he needs to be held accountable for these choices the Steelers have made. He only had one year as a defensive coordinator and he already looks over his head trying to be the main man in a town like Pittsburgh.

If things go badly on Monday night, Steelers fans will already be calling for his head, and rightfully so!