Immortal: Wrestling's Worst Heel Faction and Why It Needs to Go

Anthony PetronzioContributor IIIMarch 6, 2011

Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan
Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan

I always approach wrestling angles with patience. Sometimes good ones have to have a rivalry built up, or will conclude in an incredible match. With this state of mind, I gave TNA plenty of time to turn Immortal into something that put me at the edge of my seat. Sadly, this hasn't happened and mistakes by TNA have almost assured it never will.

A good heel faction to me is one that a fan really hates. It goes from rooting for a certain wrestler to rooting for anybody that goes against the faction. A good faction also should have exciting wrestlers to make the product better. After all, a group like Immortal is the main angle the show is revolving around. If the heels are leading the company, they should be giving the best performances.

Immortal does not follow any of those guidelines to me, and Mar. 3 proved it.

I have never been a fan of Hulk Hogan in TNA, but without him Mar. 3, Immortal would have seemed as powerful as Suicide in the X division. During the opening segment, Hogan was the one who told off Dixie Carter, and really emphasized that he was in control of the company now. Hogan is also the one who dealt with Mr. Anderson backstage.

How did the rest of Immortal fare?

Eric Bischoff did his usual talking, so there was no change there. Rob Terry lost quickly to Scott Steiner, as he tapped out to the Steiner recliner. Hernandez got disqualified, although he did accomplish his task of viciously harming anyone against Immortal. Gunner and Murphy were absolutely dominated by Beer Money, wrecking their status as credible contenders to the belts. Jeff Jarrett has his wedding ruined not once, but twice by Kurt Angle. Finally, Jeff Hardy lost his title belt to Sting.

Aside form Hardy and Hernandez, who isn't even a full-time member of Fortune, Immortal put out dismal performances in the ring. This should be considered a huge issue for TNA, especially when most of Immortal can not cut a decent promo either.

Immortal also is currently feuding with Fortune, comprised of some of TNA's best young talent with AJ Styles, Beer Money Inc., and Kazarian. Fortune is superior in almost everything except age compared to Immortal. A feud like this is hard to not consider one-sided, a potential disaster when one side has control of the company. Also, add RVD and Mr. Anderson trying for title shots, and Immortal is looking like all bark and no bite.

Bischoff, Hogan, and Hardy are fulfilling their heel roles pretty well. Unfortunately, two of them do not even wrestle, and the last one is in a tight legal situation.

Immortal can't win a fair match, the wrestlers do not have good mic skills, and they take TV time away from good young talent like Jay Lethal or Amazing Red. We gave TNA time to make Immortal work, now it's time to scrap it and move on.