TNA Wrestling's Big Bang: Will TNA Wrestling Turn Things Around?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 3, 2011

Can the two master minds get things done and turn TNA around?
Can the two master minds get things done and turn TNA around?

May 6, 2001 was the date to mark new beginnings; a fresh new start for a struggling company… that company being the defunct WCW.

WCW began on a hot pace to the top of the wrestling world, leaving WWF in the dust as they climbed the ladder. WCW rode their way to the top with a shocking turn by Hulk Hogan, who would join Scott Hall and Kevin Nash (the Outsiders) to form the infamous nWo (new World order).

This was something that wrestling fans really never seen before, so WCW played on this idea and kept going with it.

But soon, the upper-ends in WCW would come to find out that not everything good could last forever. Wrestlers and fans started to become frustrated as there was no talent being pushed and that storylines were not developing.

On the other side of things, WWF (now WWE) began to get hot by pushing young stars and having a new “attitude” approach to things made for a very interesting product for pro wrestling fans.

Numbers continued to slump for WCW, and the younger roster that they had ignored started to venture off to the boiling hot WWF (at the time).

WCW would finally end on March 26, 2001 on Monday Night Nitro as WWE bought out the slumping company before they could turn things around.

But it was said that before WWE made an offer it was supposed to be none other than Eric Bischoff’s company as he brought a team together to make an offer. Everything was planned to go, and it had looked like WCW would be officially Bischoff’s. But there was one problem: there was no TV deal involved with that negotiation. So Bischoff’s team removed the offer from the table.

So that meant no recreation, no reinventing, and no changes to turn the company around. May 6, 2001 was supposed to be WCW’s latest pay per view, “The Big Bang”.

It was said that Goldberg, Sting, Ric Flair and others were to return and Eric Bischoff were to reclaim the company at this event. This was supposed to be a night for change a last hope to turn the company around and become a competitor again. But as we all know now, that never happened.

Now, as we fast-forward to today, we have another company. A young one at that having the same similar problems as the defunct WCW. The funny thing is you have the same head guys leading this company that were there as WCW was falling apart.

TNA Wrestling has had its ups and downs already in their young life. They're basically trying to find their own identity with at the same time trying to keep up with WWE.

They brought in talents such as Sting, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Steiner and others but the numbers seem to stay afloat at the same range.

Finally TNA Wrestling decided to bring in Bischoff & Hogan with their team to turn things around for the company. Dixie Carter as always kept promising “changes”, which we haven’t really seen except for the whole “they” storyline. Wait... we had seen that before.

March 3, 2011 is the date that TNA Wrestling promised to be major and not only that, where Hogan & Immortal will claim control of the company… could this be the time were we actually see changes?

It would make sence now that the company has “changed” hands and are in different control.

TNA Wrestling has all the abilities to make it with incredible talent that can go in the ring and excite fans day in day out, but they love to focus on their competitor WWE way too much.

Before they worry about competing they need to focus hard on their own product and get the younger talent over!

So, with that, this is Eric Bischoff and Hogan’s team to make their “Big Bang”. This is their second chance to turn things around and actually compete against WWE to make a great product between the two again!