Mike Tyson's "The President's Speech": The Back Story

Stan Silliman@@stansillimanCorrespondent IIMarch 3, 2011

MILAN, ITALY - JULY 09:  Mike Tyson attends a press conference held at Just Cvalle Cafe on July 9, 2010 in Milan, Italy.  (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Mike Tyson made a hilarious video in which he parodies the Academy Award Best Movie "The King's Speech." In the video he helps George Bush overcome elocution problems.

The video is called "The President's Speech" and was directed by Tyler Perry and shown on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Tyson does a great job. This is what make's the video funny. He's become a good actor. You can see it from his work on "Hangover."

That was a major movie.

The "President's Speech" video could qualify for a "short documentary" category and Mike might be up for an Academy Award.

What you may not know is, Mike Tyson has a history with President George Bush.

George Bush was a big Tyson fan and that helped when we once asked Tyson to interview Bush following the 2004 presidential debates.

Here's the Silliman on Sports story from 2004.

And please note Mike has greatly improved his own elocution since then.

We made a conscious effort to stay away from politics in our column. After all we’re about sports.

But how often does the opportunity come along when a major sports figure can interview a president… after a debate, no less?  Keeping in mind that a sports figure is asking the questions, here’s the Mike Tyson interview with President Bush:
Prez and Mike Tyson interview

    MT: Mr. President, thirstyly let me say it’s a protruding pleasure to meet with you.

    GWB: Thank you, Iron Mike. I welcome your analyrical perspecticle on my debate with candidate Kerry. It’s good to have a boxer’s viewpoint. Do you mind if I call you Iron?
    MT:  Not at all, Mr. President. It would be a pugnacious honor.

    GWB:  What do you think, Iron? Kerry came at me with some jabs but I bobbed and I weavered, didn’t I?
    MT:  Yes, sir, Mr. President, you got ring smarts. You were unflinchifiable. When he accusitized you of going into Iraqistan without globalosity, you hit him with a left hook.

    GWB: I did? Tell me more.
    MT: Well, Sir, you said when somebody attacks you, like Iraqistan,  you don’t ask your mommy if you can punch him back. You packing your authori… your authenticity…. your autocracy right here.

    GWB: That’s right. We don’t need more inspections to go after tourists.
    MT: He was trying to rope you but you side stepped him. You brought him in close and took a bite of his lobe.

    GWB: Just like I did with Saddam. He was trying to hide in a spider hole but I sent my spider extremenators down after him.
    MT: I don’t like spiders, Mr. President.

    GWB: Well, do you think I do? Heck, son, I’m from Texas.
    MT: Mr. Kerry made accusitations on your person, Sir. He tried to say you had Alabama Bin Laden in some mountains and let him slip of the ring.

    GWB: Mr. Kerry said a lot of things. Mostly with those giant puppet Lurch eyes of his. Well, we didn’t let Osama escape. He holed up in a cave and you know what I call tourists who hole up in a cave?
    MT:  Cavemen, Mr. President?

    GWB: No, I call ‘em Tourists Who Hole Up in a Cave.
    MT:  Mr. Kerry accusified you of farming out the capturosity to warlords. Why didn’t you claim scatigorical deniability?

    GWB: Cuz we did use the warlords. They’re cave monkeys. They know their way around stalagmites and have the necessary sprelunkitude.

    MT: I’ve been in a few dark holes myself. Some people say it’s that way between my ears.
    GWB: Don’t let them ever say that. I can tell by your vocaliability that you’re pretty smart for a boxer.

    MT: And you’re a gooder debater.

   GWB: Well, he tried to smack me with that long Massachusetts reach of his but I defended myself. I said he flip-flops too much to be a leader.
   MT: He ain’t got your gratuity, Mr. President.
   GWB:  I didn’t think we had to leave a tip. I’ll ask Laura.

    MT:  I liked your constitisisty, Mr. President.
   GWB:  Iron, did you like it when I said the only thing consistent about my opponent was his inconsistiality.

    MT: You hit him where he lives. If there’s anything fragilistic, and I mean this obtusidly, is that Mr. Kerry is incontinent.   He don’t get it right. His incontinence shows.

    GWB: You got that right. He’s a big Lurch wearing flip-flops. I bet when he walks, he creaks.

    MT: If it don’t rise first.

    GWB: What was that?
    MT: If the creek don’t rise when John Kerry is wearing flip-flops.

    GWB: Heck, son, I’m from Texas. You don’t have to tell me about rising creeks.


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