Just ask Jansen: No Heyer, No problem.

Jennifer JohnsonAnalyst ISeptember 27, 2008

   It was reported yesterday from the Redskins local paper and various message boards, that Stephon Heyer is questionable for this week's big test against hated rival, the Dallas Cowboys.  That means that former starter and 10 year veteran Jon Jansen is back at the right tackle position, and in his mind, "home where I belong." According to Jon,  there should be no drop off from that side of the line, as Jason Campbell will need to have the time to find open receivers, and make check downs, especially against the Cowboys stout defensive unit.   Big DeMarcus Ware has huffed and puffed and blown Campbell down in recent contests, and Jansen will be scrutinized heavily if he gives up sacks, that could lead to his team's eventual loss.

   "Sorry to hear about Stephon.  He's a fast learner, who has played remarkably well, since taking over at right tackle.  I'm not going to lie to you though.  I feel like its my job and that I deserve to have my job back."  Great Jon.  Now prove it.  Your teammate Chris Samuels and you have dipped in productivity, whether you'd care to admit it or not.  After the Giants game,  it was noted by the coaching staff, particularly offensive line Coach Joe Bugel, that's its basic blocking 101 to keep your hands high and inside.  In order to get leverage on the guy, without holding him, you have to push from the inside and move him away from where the play is being set up.  Justin Tuck abused Samuels on a big third quarter sack that killed a good drive, that it turned out would have changed the team's momentum. As the defense of the mighty burgundy and gold,  gave up no second half points.  

    And in the last two games, Heyer and his dirtbags has kept the defensive lineman off of Campbell enough to where he can throw the ball downfield.  In my humble opinion, Campbell's game winning 65 yard bomb to Santana Moss in Week 2, was created not from superior pass protection, but his ability to step up in the pocket and make the play despite the rush.  We'll know if Jansen belongs back on the starting line, if we don't hear his name called on Sunday.   The Quiet Man although a great John Wayne flick is, the new nickname I will christen Jansen if his words hold true.   

   Those intangibles that the fans don't give a rat's patootie about count so much more significantly in these road divisional games. Listening to Campbell's cadence is also something Jansen has to get used to again. If he is having trouble hearing the play called he could jump early, and then Campbell would be forced into a passing situation, where it would be better to establish the run.  Clinton Portis has to have the running lanes to eat up the Cowboy d-line too. We have got use our weapons when we can, and avoid getting into a shooting match with the bluemen.  Establish the run and mix in the West Coast passing schemes at the correct time.  We want them off balance and confused.

  On the road at Texas Stadium, is the place where Jansen can really make a statement to the faithful fans that yes he still it.  Go get em Jon.   Hail to the Redskins.  Hail Shoulder Injuries, Raves on the aftermath.  Fight for your job security."

Skins 21 Cowboys 20