Golden II: The History of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championships

Charlie GSenior Writer IMarch 1, 2011

Golden II: The History of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Championships

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    This should be easy and over quickly. I mean really quickly. The TNA Knockout Tag Team Championships have only changed hands five times since debuting.

    Missed the previous edition of Golden? Don't worry, I got it right here.

    This is the second edition of 12 planned slideshows. 

    Next edition, I will go into WWE territory and give the history of the Divas Championship.

    Let's get started!

Sarita and Taylor Wilde

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    I've always liked purple. It looks great on these two.

    Sarita and Taylor Wilde defeated The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) to become the first-ever TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

    They won the titles on Sept. 20, 2009 at No Surrender.

    Sarita and Taylor held the belts for 106 days.

Awesome Kong and Hamada

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    What an odd but yet dominant team.

    Awesome Kong teamed with Hamada to win the Knockout Tag Team Championships on the Jan. 4, 2010, edition of iMPACT!

    Their reign would be cut short at 63 days, because TNA would strip them of the titles for allegedly not defending the titles for 30 days.

The Beautiful People

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    Wow. Those tag titles look hot!

    After TNA vacated the titles, The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne) defeated the teams of Sarita & Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love & Tara in a three-way match on the March 8 iMPACT! to become champions.

    Lacey Von Erich was also recognized as a champion and the three defended the titles under the Freebird rule.

    They would hold the titles for 141 days.

Taylor Wilde and Hamada

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    These two would defeat The Beautiful People on the July 27, 2010, edition of iMPACT! to become the new Knockout Tag Team Champions.

    This win would make Hamada and Wilde, both, two-time Knockout Tag Team Champions.

    However, Hamada would suffer the same fate she had in her previous reign and the team had the titles taken away from them for not defending them within 30 days.

    They held the titles for 132 days before they were vacated again.

Angelina Love and Winter

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    Angelina Love and Winter would defeat Madison Rayne and Tara to win the titles on the December 23, 2010, edition of iMPACT!

    They are still the reigning champions and haven't defended the titles once since winning them.

    They have an 81-day reign and still going.


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    Combined Reigns (As team)

    1.) The Beautiful People (Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich): 141-day reign.

    2.) Hamada and Taylor Wilde: 132-day reign.

    3.) Sarita and Taylor Wilde: 106-day reign

    4.) Angelina Love and Winter: 81-day reign and still going

    5.) Awesome Kong and Hamada: 63-day reign

    Combined Reigns (As wrestler)

    1.) Taylor Wilde: Two reigns for a combined 238 days.

    2.) Hamada: Two reigns for a combined 195 days.

    3.) Madison Rayne: 141 days

    4.) Velvet Sky: 141 days

    5.) Lacey Von Erich: 141 days

    6.) Sarita: 106 days

    7.) Angelina Love: 81 days and still counting

    8.) Winter: 81 days and still counting

    9.) Awesome Kong: 63 days

    Overall, there have been five reigns shared between nine wrestlers and five teams.

    Unlike the Knockout Championship, the tag titles have the word "Knockout" written on it.