TNA's Jeff Hardy: Why the Anti-Christ of Wrestling Is a Good Heel

Zoe EyvelisseContributor IIFebruary 27, 2011

This article is to explain why I think Jeff Hardy is better off in and a better heel in TNA.

In the end, you can have your opinion on it, but hopefully after you read my side, you'll have more of an open mind.

When Jeff retired (well he was fired), I admit I teared. I got sad. I hated CM Punk (for the moment), but that never lasts because I love CM Punk too much.

I wondered what would he do next? Will we ever see him again? Is he going to continue wrestling?

And then, the unexpected and yet expected thing happened. Jeff resurfaced in TNA Wrestling.

I say expected because I don't think Hardy would just retire just like that. He's fairly still young, so he still has some years in him.

I have never really been a fan of TNA, moreso just a fan of Amazing Red, Angelina Love and AJ Styles, so when he resurfaced, I was given more of a reason to watch.

If I'm not mistaken, Jeff was a face when he was in TNA prior, but all that changed when Hardy turned heel at Bound for Glory.

Following Jeff's career, I really didn't know which way this could go because Jeff never really convinced me that he could pass as a heel.

I mean he's been face for his entire career (well not really, if you count his temporary stay in The New Brood) so I hadn't really put much thought into it.

But that was in WWE.

We're talking about TNA here, and there's not too many faces in TNA. Frankly, if you're not in a stable, your face is not shown at all. But anyway.

Jeff's heel turn was probably the most random thing to happen but his follow up to this made me a believer.

But what did we see? We saw Jeff getting respect from Immortal and Fortune. I mean they were damn near kissing his ass and I don't really think that's something Jeff really received in WWE.

It was never Vince depending on Jeff to main event a PPV, because he had other guys to do so. Yes, he got respect for his high flying moves, for his participation in the brutal TLC matches, but I'm talking about a different type of respect.

I mean the respect that has people running from you, people calling you out, and people doing everything in their power to help you get to the top and REMAIN there.

The respect that has even the Phenomenal AJ Styles shaking your hand and moving out of the way so you can make a promo. Hulk Hogan giving him his own TNA title belt is the respect I'm referring to.

He started giving us promos, and they weren't your average promos either. Why, you ask?

Well. one reason is because of the poetic verses, the darker side to his mind and did I fail to mention that we're actually hearing him speak!? His storylines in WWE were boring and stale.

Jeff is also used a lot better in TNA. You can tell he has a little more leverage in his gimmick compared to WWE.

For example, smoking a cigarette in his entrances to his more brutal in-ring attacks. I sort of feel like his current anti-christ gimmick is all him, like naturally him.

Well another could say that he was better in WWE because he connected with the fans and that's true but that was the face Hardy that sold merchandise.

The face Hardy that had to do what Vince McMahon wanted and because he sold merchandise; there was no need to progress his character. I wouldn't put it past Vince if he turned down a heel turn for Hardy.

What brings his heel character level down is the fact that he's known as a babyface. This makes it harder for people to take him seriously because the fans don't know whether to cheer for the Swanton Bomb or boo the Twist of Hate.

But this is where his main angle comes into play. "I've given you people years and years of abuse on my body. Flying from ladders, going through tables, etc., and for what .. ?"

I could imagine Vince saying this at one of the meetings: "I don't care how many ladders he has to jump off of or how many tables he has to go through; as long as he sells merchandise, I don't care if he gets a championship or jobs out night after night."

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Jeff didn't get chances in the WWE to rise to the top. For example, he was pushed to the WWE Championship main event status, despite violating the wellness program on several occasions.

The WWE did take chances on him by making him champion only for him to fail another test, so I can never deny that.

And if you want to consider championships, yes he was way better off in WWE, no doubt about it. But as TNA champ, he isn't given so much of a fluke title reign.

TNA hired him despite his unfortunate drug problem and even made him champ again, obviously still sticking with him through his court cases and such.

I feel like Jeff Hardy is starting to blossom and what better way to blossom in the world of professional wrestling by reinventing your character? It keeps the fans interested.

I mean look at the Undertaker. And before all of you jump on me, I am in no way putting the two on the same level. I mean gimmick wise.

The Undertaker has reinvented himself numerous times and whether he was The Deadman, Big Evil or the American Badass, you paid attention to him. You cheered for him if he was heel or not.

That's what I feel is happening with Hardy. You can still hear the cheers from his loyal fans, such as myself, because regardless of what is said about him; you still care about him.

Jeff is simply showing us that he can be versatile and it brings more interest to TNA, because Lord knows they need it.

So there's my article. Hopefully I changed your mind about Jeff Hardy as a heel and if not, then I just appreciate you reading. Leave your comments below and stay blessed!