AJ Styles and Sting: One More Reason Why TNA Is Booking Itself to Mediocrity

Anthony SalvatoreCorrespondent IIFebruary 25, 2011

This man should wear the Championship Belt in TNA
This man should wear the Championship Belt in TNA

Greetings Bleacher fans!

I've been reading up on 3/3/11 after writing my last article expressing my displeasure at so flagrant a jacking of WWE's buzz inducing promo for the Phenom. I came across a few articles claiming Sting will be the new TNA champ next week. 

I'm going to take the information as about as gospel as you can nowadays and assume this is the case. I have, therefore, but one question:

Why? Why TNA Bookers? Why?!

Now let me state for the record, I have nothing against Sting. I consider myself a casual fan who feels that he is one of the few veteran wrestlers that can add something to the TNA product and brand. This is not a knock against him. Embarrassing a genuine great like him with the 3/3/11 promo is enough of a knock in of itself.

But rather, why isn't AJ Styles the TNA Champ? 

Among the mediocre crap served up yesterday on Impact, was a truly entertaining promo/shoot between AJ Styles and Ric Flair with Hernandez, and finally Fortune and even Matt Morgan getting involved.

The talk was great with Flair and Ok with Styles, but then the fists flew. AJ out dirtied the dirtiest player in the game. Flair gets his Armani torn from his body and gets busted wide open. He went back and forth with Hernandez and more than held his own. 

Fortune came in for the save when the numbers game got to be too much, and then out of nowhere Matt Morgan wails on Hernandez.

It was, in a capsule, all that TNA could and should be, but hasn't been for a long time.

But aside from the entertainment value, it set AJ Styles as being what he is and was made to be in TNA. A leader. The face of the company. And a worthy face it would be.

I say "would be" because instead of pushing AJ back into the Championship, they give it to Sting.

Don't get me wrong, again, I like Sting. But he only has so many years (months?) and so many returns left in him, and this one, perhaps his last, was ruined by TNA creative. 

AJ Styles is going to be there for years and years to come. TNA needs a face that is uniquely TNA, and not only does Styles fit the bill, he deserves it. He is talented (needs work on his promos, but he'll learn) and has a lot of heart and exemplifies what TNA should be, the TNA it promised us it would be and yet has reneged.  

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but maybe if the message is repeated enough, someone will listen—the past is something we learn from and cherish, but we can't live there. We live in the present and in the present we prepare for the future. 

TNA can never out WWE, WWE. It can't be done and shouldn't be tried. TNA needs to find its own voice, image, product, tone and face.

That face is AJ Styles. You saw it once, but have lost sight of that, TNA.


I welcome feedback from you, fellow wrestling fans.