Can The Bills Win In The AFC?

Pete TreperinasCorrespondent ISeptember 26, 2008

Sitting undefeated, the Buffalo Bills are atop the AFC East. With Trent Edwards looking great, and Marshawn Lynch appearing to be one of the league's top backs, is it possible that the Bills can play in the Super Bowl? Why not.

Opening up the year, the Bills blew out the defending NFC West champion Seattle Seahawks, and made the Seahawk's o-line and defense look like a pee-wee team. Week two was a bit closer, but still, the Bills beat a Jacksonville Jaguars team that went 11-5 last year. 

Along with the Cowboys, Giants, and Broncos, and Titans, the Bills stand 3-0. And with the New England Brady's—I mean Patriots, looking to be a smaller threat than in the past, the Bills are going to win the AFC East this year. There's no excuse for the way that the Patriots played against the Dolphins. I don't care who your quarterback is. The Dolphins aren't good by any means, and you'd think that the Pats would handle them.

The Bills also had a tester against a cruddy opponent (Raiders) on Sunday. However, the Bills finished with a W, something that good teams do. In Week four, Buffalo will face off with the St. Louis Rams, the laughing stock of the NFL, and should have no problem getting to 4-0. 

One thing that most good teams have is a QB that knows what he's doing. Edwards is getting there, he just needs some time to gain some experience, which he's getting more and more of every week.

Marshawn Lynch provides another aspect to the offense in Buffalo, and is really looking like he's going to have a great season. He's already found the end-zone four times in three games, and will probably keep it up, and I think he'll make defenses cringe all season. 

The AFC is really wide open this season, with the Colts starting 1-2 and the Patriots being Brady-less. I don't see why the Bills can't win the East, if not the AFC, because they have a solid defense with guys like Marcus Stroud, Terrence McGee, and a young Paul Posluszny, and an electric running game. Coach Dick Jauron has done a good job getting Buffalo out of last place, and now having them potentially compete for the division.

Over the past few years, the Bills have gotten a little bit better. The curse of the Music City Miracle has kept them out of the playoffs since 1999, and now that they've rebuilt several times, drafted two different star running backs (McGahee, Lynch), the Bills are going to be in the playoffs for the first time in just under a decade.

Edwards will get better each week, so will Lynch, and so will the Bills. I see this team going 10-6 at worst, but I think they're capable of going 12-4. The Patriots are has-beens (at least for this year), the Jets can't rely on Brett Favre alone to win a division, and the Dolphins are years away from contending. The Bills will win the AFC East, and have a real shot to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.