NFL Week Four: Do or Die Time for Brett Favre and the New York Jets

Sean CroweSenior Writer ISeptember 25, 2008

Do or Die Time for the Jets

This isn't the way it was supposed to go down in New York. The Buffalo Bills weren't supposed to be the ones taking advantage of a suddenly old and quarterback-less New England Patriots team.

It was supposed to be the New York Jets.

They were like Charles Barkley in a casino this offseason; they just couldn't stop throwing down large chunks of money. All that money was supposed to make them a better team.

They were supposed to be able to compete with Tom Brady's New England Patriots.

Then they pulled off what everyone in New York assumed was a coup and landed a future Hall of Fame quarterback in Brett Favre. Now, some thought they were even better than Tom Brady's Patriots.

So what the heck's been going on so far this season?

If the Jets drop to 1-3 they're done. Finished. It'll be J-E-T-S—Just End The Season—all over again.

The New York Jets must defeat the suddenly respectable Arizona Cardinals this weekend.

Otherwise, they risk falling three games behind the division leading Buffalo Bills (who are playing the hapless St. Louis Rams this week), and can effectively kiss any shot they had at the playoffs goodbye.


The Bills, Titans, and Broncos Will All Remain Undefeated

I don't like to make predictions in this column. I like to leave the predicting to the picks column that gets posted Friday night. But I'm more than comfortable sharing this prediction a little early.

1) The Bills will defeat the Rams. Easily. By a lot.

2) The Broncos will defeat the Chiefs. Easily. By many, many, many points.

3) The Titans will defeat the Vikings.

The third game won't be a blowout, but it won't be close either.

The Titans' defense is playing other-worldly right now. It's the reason why, if a gun were held to my head right now, I'd have the Vince Young-less Titans representing the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Sure, they don't have the offense Denver does. They're not as balanced as the Bills. But their defense is stout.

If the playoffs started today, I'd like the Titans to come out of the AFC.

Unfortunately for them, the playoffs don't start today. Talk to me in December, when the Colts are healthy and Vince Young thinks he should be starting again.


Either the Browns or the Bengals Will Win This Week

That's right, I'm going out on another limb.

One of the two disappointments from the AFC North will actually win a game this week. Of course, they're playing against each other.

The Browns are, by far, the most disappointing team in the NFL.

They were supposed to be challenging the Steelers for the division.

They were supposed to have a high-powered offense, and a complementary defense.

They were supposed to be well-coached and primed for a playoff run.

Instead, they have no shot at catching the Steelers already, and it's only week four.

Their offense is terrible, led by the horrifyingly-bad Derek Anderson. Their head coach has regressed to the point where I'm not sure he should be coaching a high school football game.

And the only thing they're primed for is a high first-round draft pick in next year's draft.

The Bengals are a disappointment, but at least we all saw this one coming.

I'm not sure anyone saw in advance what this Browns team has become—the Bengals, except with a worse quarterback.


Game of the Week, the Defensive Version: Baltimore at Pittsburgh

You like defense? Well, this is the game for you.

On the Steelers' side, we have an offensive line that can't block, a quarterback who's been hit more times than your average boxer, and one of the best defenses in the AFC.

On the Ravens' side, you have a rookie quarterback, no respectable offensive weapons that aren't running backs, and a defense that is equally as good as the Steelers.


Game of the Week, the Offensive Version: San Francisco at New Orleans

You like offense? Well, this just may be the game for you.

On the 49ers' side, you have Mike Martz's new and...Well, not improved, but new offensive attack. They've been impressive thus far, especially against the Seahawks and the Lions. I'm not sure if that last sentence was sarcastic or not.

On the Saints' side, you have an offense that knows how to put up some serious numbers, and a defense that knows how to let up equally serious numbers. And their kicker is a crybaby.

I'm actually looking forward to this one, because I like it when good offense meets bad defense (see the Saints-Broncos game last week).


In Closing, I Get To Enjoy…

An NFL Sunday without being subjected to the quarterback play of Matt Cassel! 

Thank GOD for bye weeks!


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