Frank Gore Could Have a Great Season

Glenn Franco SimmonsAnalyst ISeptember 25, 2008

San Francisco 49er running back Frank Gore is a special player to enjoy.

In only his second season out of college, Gore proved he was special as he turned out to be a one-man 49er record-breaker.

As the starter in 2006, Gore shattered the franchise record of most yards from scrimmage with 1,695 yards on 312 carries. He blew by former ’Niner great Garrison Hearst, who had set the record with 1,570 yards in 1998.

He also had a team-high 61 receptions for 461 yards, which provided San Francisco fans with memories of past backs who could catch in a system refined by the late Bill Walsh.

Even though the 2006 season was a bust for the 49ers, Gore gave fans a glimpse of greatness by leading the NFC in rushing for the first time in franchise history. 

Gore also dusted another franchise record in 2006 by rushing for 100 yards or more in nine games. The former record of six games was tangled in a tie between Hearst (1998) and the legendary Roger Craig (1988).

It’s not surprising that Gore was a 2006 Pro Bowler.

In 2007, the entire team took a dive, but Gore persevered despite losing his mother during the season and playing for one of the worst offenses that ever took an NFL field. Even former ’Niner great Steve Young said that offense may have been the worst to ever play in the NFL. Gore still managed to rush for more than 1,100 yards, despite being banged up.

This year, Gore is on pace to have an exceptional year. He ranks fourth in the NFL in rushing with 287 yard on 60 carries. Not bad for a guy who doesn’t have much of an offensive line to open holes for him.

His play on the field speaks for itself, but it is worth mentioning that I admire Gore for being able to overcome last season's loss of his mother, whom he was exceptionally close to, so early in his life.

Such dignified strength is a testament to this young man's character.