WWE Rumors: The Reason Behind Sheamus' Push Being Slowed Down

Zoe Eyvelisse@@kooleystonerContributor IIFebruary 20, 2011

As of lately, besides being the 2010 King of the Ring, Sheamus hasn't really done anything relevant since losing the WWE Championship to Randy Orton at Night of Champions last year. Is there a reason behind that? From what I've read online, yes.

There is one name that is behind the Celtic Warrior's spotlight being turned off: Kevin Dunn.

Kevin Dunn is the Executive Vice President of Television Production and reportedly has the second biggest say in the company's creativity direction behind the CEO, Vince McMahon.

So I'm sure everyone's main question is why?

Supposedly Kevin Dunn hasn't been too impressed with Sheamus ever since he ran away from the Nexus a couple of Raws ago. I frankly don't really remember the episode in question, but obviously the episode stayed sharped in Dunn's mind.

Mr. Dunn is not a fan of Sheamus and is the reason behind his King of the Ring attire. The King's attire is supposed to mock the Superstar.

Hopefully I'm not the only one that fails to see how this mocks the athlete but hey, we're not in Mr. Dunn's mind, are we?

I don't really see how Sheamus's push was derailed seeing as how he's in the Elimination Chamber tonight for the Number One contendership. But I guess him actually winning it is another story in itself.

Now I'll say this, I'm not too much a fan of Sheamus's but he isn't the worse I've seen. I would honestly rather have him as WWE Champion over The Miz but he had his time, right? He isn't bad on the mic, in the ring he doesn't excite me but he does work well with the older and younger talent, he is a decent heel so why Dunn and McMahon would push him back bewilders me.

What bothers me is that the WWE builds up this character, invests all their time trying to make him into this bad ass heel, make him champ, make him undefeated, King of the Ring and then ... he gets mocked.

But it happens everyday in the WWE. Do you guys remember former World Heavyweight Champion and All-American, American, American Jack swagger? Ah yes. I wasn't too much of a fan of Swagger's but he did put on some good matches and had a lot of promising talent. Ever since he lost the Championship, he's slowly joining the ranks of the mid carders on Smackdown.

I did read that Swagger's push was slowed down because of his attitude backstage. He reportedly acted as if he was better than everyone else in the locker room and to be honest, he had a right to be. His attitude wasn't coming of a Champion yet Vince wants his Superstars to keep up their gimmicks 24-7 so where does the line get drawn?

As everyone knows, Sheamus' push had a lot to do with Triple H's liking of him so what does this mean?

Will Sheamus be joining the John Morrison's where pushes are given and taken back even quicker? Or do you think this will only be temporary since Triple H's position behind the scenes is growing?

Tell me what you think! And thanks for reading!