College Baseball: Division 1 Is On Deck

Brandon CaudillContributor IFebruary 18, 2011

Garrett Wittels
Garrett Wittels

For many hibernating fans the metal “ping!” is a last resort,

They confide in their agony for when pitchers and catchers report.


But in the dead of winter the great game can still survive,

As all around the country the pastime comes alive.


It doesn’t make much noise, unless you listen well,

But there’s plenty to hear, and many stories to tell.


So from now until June, if you must have a reason,

Here’s what you may find in the coming season:


Will Garret top Robin? We’re soon to know,

But it will require more patience to see who goes to “The Show.”


Rendon’s an easy pick, one of the best you ever saw

But what matters for now is: Who goes to Omaha?


Oh Omaha, sweet Omaha, where legends are made,

Now tradition bows down to TD Ameritrade.


History is left behind in old Rosenblatt,

We said goodbye to it, along with more lively bats.


For better or worse, the game begins a new day,

Pitching and defense will soon get their say.


In the east, south, and west, they’ll be many thrills,

But when the dust settles, who’s king of the hill?


For the kids out in Vandy, things could look Sonny,

While the bridesmaid ‘Noles may finally find milk and honey.


Titans and Bruins in SoCal, oh my,

And the Gators, the mighty Gators, have set their sights high.


Though the Sun Devils are barred from the final sixty-four,

They’ll still play for pride, and possibly more.


UConn is loaded, a northern team with a quirk,

And the TCU Horned Frogs have their own Purke.


Red River Rivals could play for it all,

But don’t sleep on Baylor’s “grind-it-out” ball.

As if the entire SEC wasn’t enough of a test,

LSU must now better last season’s best.


For Oregon’s Ducks you’d never know they’re brand new,

As for Cal’s Golden Bears, can they really be through?


And to our friends up north, don’t lose hope just yet,

You’ll always have teams who can surprise and upset.


Whoever wins the day, we can say with much gladness,

The champs won’t be picked through computers or Madness.


So don’t sit around and count the last days,

Until the majors begin to practice their ways.


They may be just kids but you’ll soon find,

They can play with the best, and will be pros in no time.


Now after months of waiting, lets let out with a cheer,

It’s time to “Play Ball!” Opening Day is here!