Celebrating Wrestling in Japan: 10 of the Greatest Women Matches Ever

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Celebrating Wrestling in Japan: 10 of the Greatest Women Matches Ever

Please note that this article is about women wrestling. There are no divas in the slides and no mention of the WWE (except for bashing purposes). The following slides are what people, not only me, consider the greatest women's wrestling match in the entire world.

There will be no exaggeration on my end. I'm sure that in this day and age, a lot of fans would consider John Cena the greatest wrestler ever. In this site alone, a lot of fans would enjoy John Cena's wrestling and I would just laugh at them.

Certainly the only people that would touch this article are those wrestling purists who have knowledge on how Japanese wrestling is done. I want to thank you in advance for giving time to read this article. Especially since I created this article alongside a top 10 divas match list.

I challenge all those John Cena fan boys who consider his style of wrestling the greatest to read forward. Seriously, the WWE did such a great job of launching its product world wide that children all over the world are educated in sports entertainment. They also cornered other styles of wrestling in a small space and let "sports entertainment" reign supreme.

Garbage wrestling, shoot wrestling and the style this article is based on, Joshi, are being neglected and let to live in a corner. I say that's unfair. I am sure a lot of people turn the channel whenever a divas match would appear on WWE and if they do watch it, they would say it suck without even finishing the damn match.

It's no secret that "sports entertainment" sucks at presenting women's matches. So the time is now to stop your whining and enjoy women's wrestling at its finest. Joshi wrestling. The very best women's wrestling.

The following slides are the very best Joshi matches ever and if you don't agree, then comment on it. If you're a Cena fan who thinks the following matches aren't on par to a Super Cena match, then let's debate. Commenting is fun, it's what makes the IWC a fun place.

Anyway, introductions done. Enjoy. 

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