Celebrating Wrestling: 10 Of The Greatest Divas Matches Of The WWE

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Celebrating Wrestling: 10 Of The Greatest Divas Matches Of The WWE

A Diva is what the WWE call their female talents. Whether it may be a female wrestler or a manager. The WWE really wanted to separate themselves from other promotions by calling their work "sports entertainment" and naturally they also want to differentiate their female talents from other promotions as well.

Basically, the idea of a Diva is that she is beautiful enough to make you want to watch them on TV yet they can still kick your ass. The very first Diva in history is Sunny who was a wrestling manager but unlike Ms. Elizabeth or Sensational Sherri, Sunny was more sexual. A head turner, if you will. She's just so damn hot and sexy, you can't get enough.

The idea exploded and soon we got Sable, Marlene and Debra gracing the wrestling rings in their lingerie. We were treated to bikini contests, bra and panties matches and evening gown matches. Eventually we even got Mae Young to show her breast on TV at one point.

Within the sexual induced dream WWE gave us, we were also treated to some damn fine diva matches that proved to the world that girls can play on the boy's sandbox. There was Chyna who was throwing Jeff Jarrett and Val Venis around and even Stephanie Mcmahon got into the action.

Yes, gone are the days when divas matter. Nowadays, divas are mere match fillers and I am sure a lot of people turn the channel when Alicia Fox and Eve would wrestle. We were treated to eye candies who are really green and inexperienced. Jackie Gayda!

And after the long luxurious history of the WWE Divas, it all ended with Vickie Guerrero giving Kelly Kelly a frog splash. I'm just part of that generation who loves wrestling in general. Divas aren't what they used to be but as a true fan, I still watch it.

The following slides are, what I consider, ten of the most impressive divas match in WWE. These matches aren't your typical albino dalmatian match (the spots are missing). These matches are superb and it really blurs the line between a diva and a regular male wrestling match.

If you believe I missed a match then comment on it and if you believe a match doesn't belong then comment away. Commenting is fun, it what makes the IWC a fun place to be in.

So introductions done. Enjoy.

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