WWE Monday Night Raw Preview: Has The Rock Finally Come Back?

Micheal RobinsonSenior Analyst IIFebruary 14, 2011


1. After a long time, typically involving difficulty or delay: "he finally arrived."

In this case, "he" would be referring to The Rock.

Last week, after Vince McMahon came out to open Raw and announced he was going to introduce a special host for WrestleMania 27, I immediately thought of only one man.

Then, I wrote this article, WrestleMania XXVII Host: The Rock Comes to Electrify Atlanta?

So, today is the day.

It is Valentine's Day and love is in the air.  I don't really care about boxes of chocolates, teddy bears and flowers.  I just want to see McMahon introduce The Rock as the special guest host.

I have up-close and personal tickets to WrestleMania, as it has finally come to my hometown of Atlanta.

However, I don't know how more special it could be than if The Rock was there as well.

The Rock wrestled his last match seven years ago at WrestleMania 20.

Also, it has been since 2004 since we have seen him inside a WWE ring live.  Mostly, we have just seen him on the big screen on pre-recorded messages.

If it is indeed The Rock that is announced tonight, let's hope that he is at the Honda Center in Anaheim as I am typing this.  One can only hope.

As I look at what McMahon said again, it just makes me think more and more that it is The Rock:

"Each year, there is something special about each WrestleMania, some special moment, some special attraction, something you've never seen before, I assure you that this year will be no different.  We will introduce a man that has set a banner, and set a record like no one else, because no one has ever hosted an event in front of 75,000 people and only one man is capable of doing that." - Vince McMahon

As we draw closer to Raw, word around the Internet is that The Rock is indeed the person McMahon will announce as the guest host of WrestleMania 27.

We still have to wait and see, of course.

You never know, ol' Vinnie Mac could just announce himself as the guest host also—wouldn't that be a bummer?