Fedor vs. Silva: 5 Reasons Why Strikeforce Is Better Than the UFC

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2011

Fedor vs. Silva: 5 Reasons Why Strikeforce Is Better Than the UFC

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    After watching Fedor vs. Silva, I heard some casual fans mention how they liked the Strikeforce broadcast better than the last UFC event that they saw.

    What does Strikeforce have that the UFC does not?  Are they just being fickle?

    While it has at times seemed like the UFC has a stranglehold on the MMA world, the competition is still alive in this rapidly growing sport.

    These are the top five reasons why Strikeforce is better than the UFC.

5. More Colorful Commentary

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    Did you SEE Gus Johnson?  He had more makeup on than Natalie Portman in Black Swan.  And that purple tie really brought out his lips...

    The Strikeforce commentary team brings more color to the table than in just the aesthetic department.

    Between Frank Shamrock, Mauro Renallo and Gus Johnson, there's a ton of kaleidoscopic commentary and banter that's a refreshing change from Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg's relatively routine shtick.

    A lot of what the Strikeforce team has to say is what you would call "cheesy," but entertainment is entertainment whether it is intended or not. 

4. Theatrics

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    Strikeforce likes to put on more bells and whistles than the UFC.  

    Epic entrances and pyrotechnics are things that still catches eye balls.

    The UFC has "ring girls," Strikeforce just has "girls."  You know, just hanging out dancing and smiling for three hours straight.

    You can give sincere breakdowns all day long, but with a little fanfare, you just might lasso a few of those stragglers yet to hop on.  

3. Women's Fighting

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    Strikeforce manages to offset the female objectification in their theatrics by allowing the best women in the world a chance to have at it.

    With such top ranked fighters as Marloes Coenen, Miesha Tate, Sarah Kaufman, Gina Carano and Cristiane Santos, there is no better place on earth to watch women compete in mixed martial arts.

    They may never get the same level of attention as their male counterparts, but when these lovely ladies step into the cage, it is still great fun and fantastic competition.

2. They Have Better Heavyweights

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    While the UFC has a deeper roster overall, I am pretty convinced that Strikeforce has the better heavyweight division after Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva.

    Sure, the quality of the two respective divisions could be argued, but Strikeforce put forth a compelling argument with this event.

    Not only did Sergei Kharitonov and Antonio Silva put on top-10 worthy performances tonight, but there was solid talent all around from the other three televised heavyweight matchups on the main card. 

1. More Finished Fights!

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    Okay, so coming off an all-heavyweight main card, the perceptions are bound to be skewed, right?

    But still, we saw four first-round stoppages and a second-round TKO.  

    Wait a second, maybe it is not because they were just heavyweights with understandable finishing capabilities.  

    On the previous Strikeforce card there were no decisions on the main card, either (and only one heavyweight bout).

    Could it be that fighters in Strikeforce feel more free to perform without the burden of exclusive UFC contracts?  

    I have no idea.  But everybody loves those finishes.

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