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Nick CaronAnalyst IFebruary 11, 2011

The Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix begins this Saturday night at Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva, and it’s time for the weigh-ins. This much anticipated, all-heavyweight feature card features the main event between the heavily favored Fedor Emelianenko and Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva.

The weigh-ins began tonight at 5:00pm EST on HDNet.

The first weigh-in began with the undercard lightweight fight between Jason McLean and Kevin Roddy. 

Jason McLean: 145.5-pounds

Kevin Roddy: 145.75-pounds

The massive height advantage between these two is very apparent, with Roddy being a full six inches taller.


Josh LaBerge: 145.75-pounds

Josh had to drop down to his underwear to make weight.

Anthony Leone: 146.2-pounds

The towel came off for Leone but was unable to make weight. He will have one hour to make weight. 


Don Carlo-Clauss: 170-pounds

Sam Oropeza: 169.75 pounds


Jon Salgado: 170-pounds

Igot Gracie: 170.75-pounds


Mark Stevens: 156.5-pounds

Mark Stevens is slightly overweight at 156.5-pounds for his lightweight fight. But that weight is not necessarily too high, as his opponent can choose to accept it.

John Cholish: 155.75-pounds

Cholish accepts Stevens being slightly overweight and the fight is on.


The main card weigh-ins are now ready. 


Ray Sefo: 249-pounds

Ray Sefo takes off his shirt, but it's really not necessary as he is a heavyweight and will be no where near the top end of the weight limit.

Valentijn Overeem: 239-pounds


John Villante: 227-pounds 

Chad Griggs: 229-pounds

Villante is a 2.5-to-1 favorite. Villante has fake sideburns to match Griggs' sideburns for the staredown. Funny stuff.


Lavar Johnson: 243-pounds

Shane Del Rosario: 248-pounds

The winner of this fight will step in if any of the fighters in the tournament get injured.


Now for the fights everyone has been waiting for, the quarterfinals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix.

Sergei Kharitonov: 250-pounds

Andrei Arlovski: 242-pounds

Arlovski looks ripped and ready to go. Kharitonov definitely looks to be the larger of the two men but doesn't have nearly the muscle definition.

Brett Rogers says that the three losses Arlovski has had in a row (including one to Brett himself) should be his motivation to win this tournament.


Antonio Silva: 264-pounds

Fedor Emelianenko: 230-pounds

Silva is absolutely massive and jacked. Even the other fighters are impressed at his size. The fans cheered like crazy for Fedor as he took the stage. Fedor is chunky-looking at 34 pounds less, but that has never been a problem for him in the past. 

Both Overeem and Werdum say that they are friends with Antonio Silva but want to fight Fedor in the second round.

Fedor is interviewed after his weigh-in, with his translator. 

"Yes we tried to find out which mistakes were made," the translator said, "But the training camp was mostly the same. Silva is a very serious opponent, he belongs in the Top 10. He has great knockout power."

When asked about whether he'd rather fight Fabricio Werdum or Alistair Overeem in the next round, "Usually I don't make any prognosis like that so first of all I have to go through the fight with Silva, but if it's God's will that I win, it will be no difference to me." 

The interviewer tried to prod a bit more, trying to get him to admit that he wants to fight Werdum for revenge.

"Absolutely no revenge. I would love meet Fabricio Werdum, but no feeling of revenge."

Silva was interviewed last.

"I'm so happy for this fight. For me, Fedor is the number one in the world and I've been training for months. I'm ready for this fight. I'm going to show my ground and pound, for sure."

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