Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon: 10 Predictions for Sprint Cup Crew Swap

Melissa Bauer-Herzog@mbauerherzogCorrespondent IFebruary 10, 2011

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon: 10 Predictions for Sprint Cup Crew Swap

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    The shake up at Hendrick Motor Sports has everyone talking only a few days before the start of the season.  How will this affect Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr.? Here are some of my bold (and probably untrue) predictions of what will happen with the two drivers in the upcoming season.  Some will make you laugh, some will make you think, and others will make you shake your head and wonder what I was on when I wrote this article.

Dale Jr Will Win Daytona 500

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    On the 10 year anniversary of his father's death, Jr will break his 86 race losing streak.  Just like when he won the July Daytona race in 2001, it will be an emotional victory but one that sticks out in all fans memories forever.

Jeff Gordon Will Win Texas

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    The track that has given Jeff Gordon the most trouble in his career will be conquered once again, breaking his losing streak.

Jr Will Make The Chase

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    After a few hard seasons at HMS, Jr will make his way back into the Chase, winning 3 races this season.

Gordon Will Challenge Johnson

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    Like 2009, Gordon will be up in the Championship race come the end of the Chase and will challenge Johnson for the championship.

Jr Gets Married

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    Huh? Dale Jr has a girlfriend and breaks his "I'm never getting married" statement he made a few years ago. This makes him focus a little bit more on racing, also breaking the "marriage" curse.

Gordon Joins The Baby Boom.... Again

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    Just like Matt Kenseth and Carl Edwards, Gordon jumps back into the garage baby boom for the 2nd time in just a year or two.

Dale Jr Has No DNFs

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    Jr makes it through the season without any on track bad luck.  He is the only driver to do so.

Gordon Wins Five Races In The Regular Season

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    Gordon turns on the rockets and wins race after race, enjoying his former on the track glory.

Jr Cleans Up His Radio Talk

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    While it is entertaining to listen to Dale Jr's radio every week, after a "talk" with Rick Hendrick he cleans up his radio transmissions. Fans are outraged that Jr. is "forced" to change and Hendrick once again becomes the bad guy. 

Gordon Gets In Another Fight

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    Jeff Gordon decides to make fighting a traditional thing and picks a fight again at the Fall Texas race.  ESPN has a hay day with the fight and dubs Gordon the "Fighting Man".