Chicago Bears Need to Wake Up to the Real Answer

Joe WillettSenior Writer ISeptember 22, 2008

The Chicago Bears are just a few plays away from being 3-0; however, they pulled the short straw and are stuck at 1-2.

They are, luckily, showing people a lot more than was expected at the beginning of the season.

Before the season started, to have even one win was having high hopes for Bears fans, but they have been lucky enough to find an offense.

That offense consists of a steady running game from Matt Forte who has gone beyond expectations with 4.2 yards per carry and over 100 yards per game on the season.

The offensive line has been better than expected, as Kyle Orton has had decent time and Forte has had some lanes to run in for the most part.

The most important part of the offensive attack, however, has to become wide receiver Brandon Lloyd.

Lloyd has worked his way to a tie for 15th in the NFL in receiving yards ahead of names like Hines Ward, Terrell Owens and Wes Welker.

What is even more important for Lloyd is becoming a big play threat, which has come to fruition so far.  He currently is tied for the most receptions over 20 yards with five on the season.

Yesterday was Lloyd's coming out party, as he played spectacularly with six catches for 124 yards and a touchdown.  He could have, neigh, should have had more yards and even another touchdown if he wasn't forced out of bounds by a bad pass with only green in front of him.

He is sixth in the NFL in yards per catch among players with more than 10 catches on the season, and the Bears weren't supposed to have a passing game.

While receivers like Rasheed Davis drop major passes that may or may not have cost the Bears the game, Lloyd is out there doing his best to make game-changing plays.

Against the Panthers two weeks ago, he picked up a block punt and took it back for a touchdown to give the Bears an early lead and some much needed momentum.

Lloyd had a good career in his time with the 49ers, but was forgot about in Washington, even having a good season in 2006 before disappearing in 2007 with just two catches for 14 yards.

This season, he is back and better than ever now that he is the centerpiece of this passing attack that currently ranks 16th in the NFL.

If Orton wants to have any sort of season, he needs to find Lloyd and they could become a deadly combo.  With Forte being productive out of the backfield, things should be open and if they do still focus on Lloyd, Orton always loves to check down.

And if the Bears want to sustain their surprising offensive success, they need to be able to get Lloyd the ball early and often.

I'm Joe W.

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