2011 Super Bowl: What's A Little Cold Weather To the Green Bay Packers Fans?

Jacqueline Moen-KadlecContributor IIIFebruary 4, 2011

This looks familiar to fans in Wisconsin.
This looks familiar to fans in Wisconsin.Al Bello/Getty Images

Welcome to winter weather, people of North Texas!

I assure you: The Green Bay Packers did not bring the cold and ice with them to your fine state. As a matter of fact, the Packers left the majority of the snow, ice and cold back in Wisconsin—I can vouch for this.

Regardless of the snow storm of the year/winter season, Packers fans in Wisconsin are gearing up for one heck of a good time. I, too, am preparing for a great game. 

After my friends and relatives shoveled their way out of the nearly two feet of snow they received this week (this all occurred South of me, thank goodness...Manpig would still be out snow blowing, if we received all that snow), we now have started preparing for the game, as have the Packers. Practice has started, the media blitz has begun and Clay Matthews tried on a Troy Palomalo wig. 

It's just the start of the craziness, people.

For fans who have been left behind in Wisconsin, vacation days have been taken on the Monday after the game. Yes, I am taking the day off on Monday, too. Employers who have not given a day off on Monday will be aware of their employee's football allegiance when they see the absenteeism on Monday.

For fans who plan on drinking their way through the Super Bowl at home, their beer is chilling in snow banks outside. Yes, some of us put our beer outside in the winter.

I will not divulge where Manpig has hidden his treasure trove of Old Milwaukee, as I do not want the neighbors to be out in my yard at bar time, conducting their own personal treasure hunt; I would like to keep it as challenging for any neighbors reading this as possible.  

Please be advised that Manpig will not be happy to see you wandering aimlessly in our yard. I have a mental image of Manpig standing on the deck in his Packers finest, screaming "Jackie! Fred's in our yard again, looking for beer! RELEASE THE HOUNDS!" 

For your information: Beagles are not known for protecting your beer supply. They are, however, known for sleeping on your couch and snoring while you are trying to watch the game. They are not a vicious breed of hound, to be sure. 

My family is aware that my phone will not be working on Sunday, as I will be watching the game intently. A win for the Packers means that I will be calling everyone who doubted the Pack after the game. 

You have, again, been warned.

Superstitious Packer fans have started their little rituals that have carried on from when the Packers were last in the Super Bowl. One person in my community last cut his hair when the Packers lost the Super Bowl in the 1990's. He has now donated his hair to Locks of Love with hopes that his sacrifice will give the Packers the win on Sunday. 

Other fans have gone to their local tattoo parlors to ink themselves with green and gold. Potlucks have been planned, church services have been moved and family events have been situated to accommodate the game.

We are ready! Now, let's get on with the game!

Go Pack, go!