NFL Week Three: Patriots Vs. Joey Porter's Mouth

Jim BouchardCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2008

It's almost too good; Joey Porter says beating the Pats without Tom Brady “shouldn’t be that hard.” After all, says he, Cassell is just a backup who “don’t get that many snaps, right? So you throw the kitchen sink at him.”

That’s right Joey. All this week Matt Cassell has been sitting on the beach at Cape Code drinking Sam Adams and eating lobster. Joey, you’ve been in the league too long to be this stupid.

He is right about one thing: Matt Cassell is not Tom Brady. But, Bill Belichick is still Bill Belichick. In 2001, he didn’t ask Tom Brady to be Drew Bledsoe, and this week he’s not going to ask Matt Cassell to be Tom Brady. Damn, that’s confusing!

Joey should be focusing on his still floundering Fish. After all, Chad Pennington is no Dan Marino.

However, the Pats D is still the Pats D, and this is the Pats D that has been making a tailgate grilling of Chad Pennington twice a year for quite a while.

Of course, the Fish's line is not the same Fish line; it’s supposed to be improved, evidenced by their incredible 60 yards per diem rushing to date.

We do know the Pats have a taste for grilled Fish. Oh yeah, the Fish did win a couple of years ago, 21-0 pounding and put Brady down for five sacks. In fact, Tom only posts a 2-4 record against Miami on the road.

Of course, Matt Cassell is no Tom Brady; he has no record against the Fins.

Let’s take a quick look at other players who have taunted the Pats over the past couple of years.

Freddie “Boom Boom” Mitchell? Now, he's a reportedly a substitute teacher at Mishawaka High School; I think that’s either in Indiana or Saskatoon.

Anthony Smith? Now, he’s still playing after tying his career high of two interceptions last year in Pittsburgh; keep talking Ant. At least now we’re getting trash talk from a Pro Bowler with some real credentials.

I do sincerely hope the curse doesn’t tag Joey. He’s a great player and it would be a shame to see him end up teaching high school in Saskatoon.

Once again Cassell will not be Brady, Belichick will be Belichik, and the Fish will be the Fish; grilled and squished.