Celebrating Wrestling: 10 of the Most Weirdest Angles in Wrestling History

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Celebrating Wrestling: 10 of the Most Weirdest Angles in Wrestling History

Remember when Scott Hall invaded WCW when everyone thought he was still in the WWE? He grabbed a mic and waged war on WCW. That is an awesome angle and people will always talk about it because it is that good. Scott Hall is a nobody now but when the Monday Night War is a topic, Scott Hall is always part of the talk.

That is a good angle. 

Now remember Katie Vick? Triple H feuded with Kane and he revealed Kane's past to the delight of the crowd. He then re-enacted Kane's devious past and had his way with a doll in a casket. Triple H took storytelling to a whole new level and when you type "worst moment" in Google then Katie Vick will no doubt be number one. It's that awful.

That is a bad angle.No, its completely horrifying.

What about weird angles?

An angle that is not bad. It doesn't offend people and it doesn't cause controversy. It's also not a good angle. There are angles that you can tell, after watching a minute of it, that it's not really considered good. After all we all have had our fair share of good angles so we can tell.

The following moments of wrestling is not good. It's not bad. It crosses the line between good and bad. You can tell this piece of flaming turd biscuit is weird. It's weird and stupid. It's weird, stupid and lame. Yes, all three at the same time. Isn't that great?

Here I am now presenting to you the very weird part of wrestling. There are angles that were designed to be weird, the following aren't. The following is just downright awful for all the right reasons.

So relax, sit back and let's travel back in time to some truly awesome moment of wrestling. 

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