Celebrating Wrestling: 10 of the Most Weirdest Angles in Wrestling History

Ed_CapContributor IIIFebruary 5, 2011

Celebrating Wrestling: 10 of the Most Weirdest Angles in Wrestling History

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    Remember when Scott Hall invaded WCW when everyone thought he was still in the WWE? He grabbed a mic and waged war on WCW. That is an awesome angle and people will always talk about it because it is that good. Scott Hall is a nobody now but when the Monday Night War is a topic, Scott Hall is always part of the talk.

    That is a good angle. 

    Now remember Katie Vick? Triple H feuded with Kane and he revealed Kane's past to the delight of the crowd. He then re-enacted Kane's devious past and had his way with a doll in a casket. Triple H took storytelling to a whole new level and when you type "worst moment" in Google then Katie Vick will no doubt be number one. It's that awful.

    That is a bad angle.No, its completely horrifying.

    What about weird angles?

    An angle that is not bad. It doesn't offend people and it doesn't cause controversy. It's also not a good angle. There are angles that you can tell, after watching a minute of it, that it's not really considered good. After all we all have had our fair share of good angles so we can tell.

    The following moments of wrestling is not good. It's not bad. It crosses the line between good and bad. You can tell this piece of flaming turd biscuit is weird. It's weird and stupid. It's weird, stupid and lame. Yes, all three at the same time. Isn't that great?

    Here I am now presenting to you the very weird part of wrestling. There are angles that were designed to be weird, the following aren't. The following is just downright awful for all the right reasons.

    So relax, sit back and let's travel back in time to some truly awesome moment of wrestling. 

DDP Says It's Ok, Kill Your Cat

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    In the WWF, DDP continued his popularity being one of the breakout stars from WCW along side Goldberg. He entered WWF and started The Invasion angle. He stalked The Undertaker's wife and was given an old school beating.

    Later down the line, he became a motivational speaker. I believe he still is a motivational speaker outside of wrestling.

    The following clip is one of DDP's motivational promo. Basically he told us to look at the positive side of life. He said it in the most creepiest way though.

    "Have you done your yoga today? I bet you're feeling pretty damn good about yourself," said DDP with a smile. "I know I am feeling pretty damn good about myself. Because helping you is a positive thing. Take my friend Tony, for example. The other day,his cat got ran over by a car. But wait, that's not a bad thing. That's a good thing. You see, his wife was allergic to the cat and that cat's death actually saved their marriage.

    "When I explained to my friend, Tony, the positive side of the situation, he immediately understood that that cat's death was a good thing. So look at the positive side of every situation. and you'll see, just like me, that DDP, I like me. You like me. And I'm going to help you like you."

    DDP enthusiastically said with a freaky picture of himself in the background.

    JR made this promo so much better by following up the promo and saying "What the hell you say?"

    WWF in their creative high, my friend.

Paul Orndorff in an Awesome Segment With Gary Spivey

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    What do you do when you're in a rut? Paul Orndoff in WCW gave us a segment where he was frustrated with himself and claiming that he doesn't know himself anymore. He doesn't even know if he is Mr. Wonderful anymore.

    Then a guy in white clothing and wearing a white afro appeared in front of Paul Orndoff. Gary Spivey?!

    "Gary Spivey of the Psychic Companion Network?" Paul exclaims. I'm watching this and I never wanted to do a face palm so badly in my life during this segment. 

    "I got a vision, and I know you weren't OK. There's something I've got to tell you, I know you're not OK, I got a vision. Psychic knows. Now listen to me. I know, I can see these things. You're not OK, but you're Mr. Wonderful, and you're not feeling wonderful but these things are gonna pass. I see great things for you. You have to be Mr. Wonderful. That's you. That's you." Gary Spivey said giving the hard talk to Mr. Wonderful.

    A couple of bad acting and stupid exchanges later, it would seem Paul Orndoff is getting better. Yes, Gary Spivey from the Psychic Companion Network's pep talk to Paul helped him. 

    Paul then looked at the mirror. "I am Mr. Wonderful!" Paul said to himself looking in the mirror. Things went from gay to gay when Paul then kissed his muscles and then himself in the mirror.

    I love saying this, so ladies and gents, Gary Spivey from the Psychic Companion Network.

The Christmas Creature

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    Here's a challenge for you. List all of the wacky characters of WCW and WWE then compare it to the sad attempt of independent promotion USWA on presenting their original gimmick. 

    The sad part is, Glenn Jacobs who wrestles as Kane today in the WWE is doing this f***ed up of a gimmick. This isn't the first time Kane missed to deliver a good gimmick. Kane once was a crazy dentist who had bad teeth himself and it wasn't so long ago that he was fake Diesel.

    You gotta see this. Epic fail never sounded more appropriate.

    It is Kane dressed up as a walking, menacing and powerful Christmas tree. A green outfit complete with Christmas decorations and it was seriously weird that they try to present him as a monster heel. How can you take a walking Christmas tree seriously?

    Good grief. 

Roddy Piper Trains to Fight Hulk Hogan

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    Hulk Hogan and Mr. T were set to fight Roddy Piper and Paul Orndoff in a tag match at WrestleMania. Mean Gene Okerlund was set to do a segment interviewing Roddy Piper in training. So he enters a gym and there he see Paul Orndoff and Roddy Piper meditating.

    Roddy Piper was in the corner swaying back and forth looking drugged up and Paul Orndoff was in zen mode. It was totally way out there for both characters. Mean Gene decided to interview Bob Orton since he couldn't talk to the two. 

    Mean Gene then decided to talk to Roddy Piper. Please see 0:55 of the video. It was so hilarious that it certainly doesn't fit Piper's persona. It was so funny seeing Mean Gene's reaction. What in the world are they doing?

    Later on they do decide to train and they express how it was a secret workout. Mean Gene shouldn't know about this workout so they threw him out of the gym then proceeded to attack this guy in the sidewalk. Apparently, it was Mean Gene's bodyguard.

    It was one f****ed up segment from start to finish. 

Vader's White Castle of Fear

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    It's fair to say that WCW sucks at hyping a match. This promo was supposed to be a build up for Sting versus Vader in WCW and I don't know who came up with this nonsense.

    Well Sting accepted an invitation from Vader to visit him in his castle. The White Castle of Fear. Yes, a huge pay day for WCW writers. Sting was excited to go to this party for some reason so he got to an airplane and traveled to the rocky mountains. 

    Sting arrived to the White Castle of Fear and it was eerie music all around. Then Cheatum the midget, WCW's version of Hornswoggle but is more creepier, was asking Sting to play the game. What game?

    Tug of war. Of course.

    Sting and Vader wore a strap on both ends and they start tugging. There was an explosion and there was fire in the middle of the tug of war. Vader laughing and the creepy party crashers were rooting for Vader. Vader pulled Sting to the table towards the fire then...

    To be continued.


    The funny part is, the name "White Castle" is an actual American burger style restaurant. Really? Vader owned one?

    Part of me died watching this. So enjoy.

Ram Kaichou

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    I am proud to say that I love puroresu. The shoot wrestling style of Japan wrestling is unmatched and athletic ability is certainly more valued than anything else be it mic work or charisma. But let's face it, the japanese are a breed of people who certainly do insane ideas and incorporates it in almost everything they do.

    The next moment is in the land of the rising sun. Two words, female undertaker. Yes, a gimmick similar to the WWE's legendary deadman but the role is given to a female wrestler. Not just a female wrestler, this particular wrestler isn't even hitting puberty yet.

    A seven-year-old rip off of The Undertaker? The idea is a huge stretch but it is just so cool to watch. Her name is Ram Kaichou or Chairman Lum but I don't know the promotion she is in so my background on her is a little murky. 

    Have you ever seen a little girl chokeslam a grown man then pin him with her tongue sticking out? That's pretty awesome.

Vader and Sid Confronts Sting and Davey Boy at The Beach

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    I believe you saw the White Castle of Fear by WCW. Well they apparently did a lot of those nonsense promo that looks like a rip off from a Bruce Willis action movie. 

    Where did it go wrong? I mean this was a promo to hype the match between the newly formed "Masters of the Powerbomb" (Vader & Sid) and Sting and Davey Boy Smith. It all starts with Sid and Vader asking their opponents to save the humiliation and just retire. 

    Then we see Sting and Davey Boy playing volleyball with a bunch of preteen kids. You know, PG stuff. Sid and Vader are in a speedboat talking about this ingenious plan they created. They will place a bomb in Sting and Davey's boat in an attempt to kill them.

    Doing this dastardly plan is none other than Cheatum wearing a shark outfit while swimming looking totally insane. It was cheesy acting all around and you really feel embarrassed watching this. 

    Anyway, the ending is cheesy with Sting running towards the bomb with Davey Boy trying to stop him and then the bomb goes off. You certainly feel robbed watching this. I sat for a second or two and certainly did not like what I watched.

    Good God, 1993 is certainly not a proud moment for WCW.

Yin Ling, The Great Muta and His Green Mist

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    We return to Japan in a little promotion called Hustle. This promotion was all about over the top gimmicks and storylines far beyond what Vince Russo can come up with but the Japanese crowd love this kind of outrageous storylines. If you're curious, you should try their game shows.

    Try this one.

    A female wrestler named Yin Ling had a match against The Great Muta. At one point, Muta spat green mist between her legs. She was devastated and it apparently got her pregnant. Then weeks later, we saw her carry an egg which was the result of the green mist incident.

    The time came for the egg to be born so Yin Ling dropped it in water and it created smoke. When the smoke cleared, Akebono (who sumo wrestled Big Show at WrestleMania, remember?) appeared with a pacifier in his mouth. It was one weird piece of wrestling history but the funny thing is, the Japanese audience loved it and it was the same kind of reception Americans would give The Undertaker. It's insane.

    Insanity works with Japanese culture for some reason. So good for them.

Randy Savage Cuts a Promo

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    I'll let the promo speak for itself.

    Basically, if you ever had doubts that Randy Savage is insane then you will be convinced after watching this. 

    It's really two minutes of the most insane promo ever and he is not even drunk or drugged up. Sensational Sheri and Zues also joined the Macho man to discuss Hulk Hogan and No Holds Barred.

    You gotta miss old school wrestling.

The Greatest Wrestler Ever

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    And lastly, I saved the best for last. It's once again a Japanese work but this time, this is not an actual wrestling scene but it's a one and a half Japanese movie released in 2004 about a professional wrestler who, after developing a terminal illness, becomes a giant squid-like creature who finds some success in the ring.

    It's a squid wrestling in a ring and he is so good at it because he is so slippery that he can't be grappled. The perfect wrestler, if you ask me.

    I did watch the movie and if you're a fan of Japanese porn and Japanese cartoon (Anime) then the movie is enjoyable. For others, it feels like a crack pot junkie and his video camera. You really cannot believe what you are watching which fits well in this article. 

    This scene is the best moment in the movie where our squid man pulled off a perfectplex.. 



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    Thank you very much for reading. It was fun for me to gather up all those weird attempts by wrestling and present it to you in a slide show. These Celebrating Wrestling articles are really a fun thing to make and I would like to thank everyone for the huge support. 

    If you enjoyed this, you can try a similar article of mine called  "Celebrating Wrestling: Forgotten Bad Wrestling Angles."

    Thank you very much for reading.

    Comments are greatly appreciated.

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