Celebrating Wrestling: Forgotten Bad Wrestling Angles

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Celebrating Wrestling: Forgotten Bad Wrestling Angles

A wrestling angle is basically the storyline in wrestling. Its a very important ingredient in any wrestling show. It heightens a feud, builds a star and gives us classic matches. 

Wrestling fans has seen a lot of memorable angles. WWE gave us Degeneration X, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin which is to sum up the Attitude era. WCW came in with "The Outsider" angle and Hulk Hogan turning heel which is, of course, nWo that led the Monday night ratings war for weeks.

But sadly, not all angles work out. 

Most of the time, the creative writers miscalculate fan reaction. They usually think it'll work but it gives us the opposite reaction. One good example of this was "The Gobbledy Gooker" angle of WWE or the "Goldberg Heel" angle of WCW.

Most of them are bad gimmicks by wrestlers. During the 90s, fans were rammed by thousands of gimmicks by WWE and WCW. One famous example is "The Goon" of WWE. He was a wrestler dressed up as a hockey player. The most famous of all is "The Shockmaster" which is the best worst gimmick ever. 

Most of them are downright bad. Creative thought the angle was edgy but it was just plain offensive or disgusting to the fans. Dare I mention Katie Vick? 

Lastly, most of them are stupid. WCW seems to be notorious with angles like this especially at the promotion's last run during the 2000. One good example is the "Viagra on a pole" match.

Here I am now featuring some of the bad attempts of creative to give us great storylines.

I feel that the following angles deserves to be mentioned again. Let's all remember them now and pay respect to how bad of an angle they were to wrestling.

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