Mike Komisarek, the Next Montreal Canadiens' Captain?

Miah D.Senior Writer ISeptember 19, 2008

Not that I want to kick Saku Koivu out of the team, but I looked around the Internet and saw all those French websites talking about a prospect replacement to the current Captain.

Saku Koivu will celebrate, next year, the 10th anniversary of his nomination as the Montreal Canadiens ultimate leader. But according to some random picture appreciation (seriously...), Mike Komisarek is next on the line. Mike Komisarek, really?

I'll explain myself.

As the team unveiled its training camp schedule, a few players appeared on the cover. Among them, Jean Beliveau, Denis Savard, and Saku Koivu. So far, no big news. Two formers Captains, and the current one. But on the top right of the picture figures the American 6'5" defenceman.

To quote how RDS commented the matter, it would sound, "If the Canadiens wanted to send a message, we would understand that the young defenceman will be the next Captain after Koivu's departure." Ouh, sweet.

No matter how passionate and conflictual we can be about our Captain sometimes, we have to face a certainty here. He won't stay there indefinitely. The Montreal Canadiens never had a 50-year old Captain. And I fairly doubt Koivu will stay more than the next three years.

A possible prospect for the post of Captain is then Mike Komisarek. Why not, you will ask yourself. But still considering an American born player, what about Chris Higgins?

He grew up being a Montreal Canadiens fan, thanks to his father, Robert Higgins. His dream has been to play for Montreal, and it is not as if he was the worst player of the team either.

He currently wears the "A." A great recognition of the place he takes among the team. Last year, however, he has been implied in a few trade rumours. He was reportedly wanted in the Trashers' side, if Bob Gainey was to pick Marian Hossa.

Afterwards, rumours had it that he has been dealt to the Maple Leafs, but Mats Sundin never wanted to waive his non-trade clause. In brief, you would tell me he is not "the face of the team."

I can't say Alex Kovalev. Who knows where Alex Kovalev will end up in three years either? I don't think the Montreal Canadiens would afford the Kirk Muller-Mike Keane period again. As Keane used to say, "The 'C' stands for see you later!"

Moreover, as Bob Gainey painfully taught us last year, we have to bid on our youth. It seems, in the Canadiens mind, if judged by the RDS analysis, Mike Komisarek is the face of the future. What do they have in common? They are both first-round picks. He shouldn't be that bad!

But I would personally bid on Chris Higgins. Although, yes, Komisarek has more notoriety in the NHL, frankly, the way he plays, he better get this notoriety fast.

Other than those, in the current roster, I can't picture anyone else in my mind to wear the famous letter on his jersey.

Source: RDS.ca/canadiens