The Reigning Champions: Playing like reigning champions!

Joshua EfthimiadesContributor ISeptember 19, 2008

     The New York Giants so far have been playing like true Super Bowl Champions. The so called "weaker and injury plagued defense" has played like that brick wall in the Super Bowl. In the first two weeks only 19 pointshave been scored on them! Including a touchdown pass from Marc Bulger to Holt that might not of even been a catch. Who can win with guys like Gibril Wilson, Kawika Mitchell, Osi Umenyiora, and the future Hall of Famer Michael Strahan leaving so suddenly! The Big Blue, that's who! Nobody can say that they are playing weak teams. Any team who throws Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Chris Cooley, and on third down Ladell Betts into the mix shouldn't be held to 7 points! The Redskins stepped up on defense in the second half after folding to the Gmen in the first. But they couldn't score themselves. This could be because Justin Tuck is a MACHINE? Or Aaron Ross has turned into a shut down corner in his second year? Yeah, what happened to the sophomore curse...Well he proved it wrong. Even the struggling St. Louis Rams have weapons. You don't get named the Greatest Show on Turffor no reason. With an all star running back like Steven Jackson and a QB-WR tandem like Bulger and Holt, the Rams should average about uhhh 40 points a game! But no, that weak injury plagued D held them too a fluke touchdown and two measly field goals. So however you look at it you can't argue that the stellar defense from last year has returned under the brick wall in Antonio Pierce or the up and coming star in Aaron Ross. Having that monster machine on the right doesn't hurt either.

     He will never be like his brother. He isn't as smart and can't make those cannon accurate throws. I don't know who said that, (THE WHOLE COUNTRY!) but one can say he has learned or learned to use the weapons around him. Who torched the Rams secondary for over 300 yards? And ran a touchdown on the mighty Washington Redskins led by all star Jason Taylor! Eli "THE MAN" Manning. That QB from Ole Miss who ran around from pressure like a chicken with its head cut off picked right up where he left off and has thrown only one interception this season to his three touchdowns and 238.0 ypg average. He is only completing about 60 percent of his passes at 39 for 64.Yet who needs to complete all their passes with a running game like the one that Tom Coughlin puts on the field every game. After Brandon Jacobs pounds and drives his way threw and over defenders in the first half Derrick Ward is put in to keep pounding the now weaker D with big play ability. Not to mention he is a huge threat in the passing game. Ward is a unique back up with the ability to be a pro bowl player/starter for another team. Jacobs is over 200 yardsin his first two games with only 36 carries! That's almost a 6 yard average! You think you can't get any better until Ward has the ball. Then he tells his story with a 5.7 yard average! With only 17 carries Ward is just under 100 yards for the season and isn't slowing down any time soon. Yet by the fourth quarter everyone is so tired. The defense, the offensive line, and even the coaches are falling over! If only a burst of energy would pop onto the grid iron? Ahmad Bradshaw, second year player out of Marshall University brings that pop. With that speed and agility he is the perfect recipe for destruction of a slow exhausted defense. Bradshaw has touched the hearts of Giants fans everywhere with an astounding 10 yard average!. You'd think.. Hey, the kid's only had five carries? Yeah these days with the speed of defenses and the size of defensive lineman tail backs would have trouble holding a four yard average? But his agility and acceleration in and out of the hole keep those big plays a coming! These star players behind Eli only set up the big play for receivers like Plaxico Burress and the ageless wonder, Amani Toomer. You add second year player and threat for YAC Steve Smith, and you got a top notch offensive juggernaut. The giants in two games have scored 57 points! With all of those points being scored and all the defense being played, the Big Blue pose an extreme challenge for upcoming opponents.

     This continuation of that great playoff run of 2007 comes at an amazing time because of the fire power Tony Romo and the boys are showing this year. Also McNabb is in all star form and healthy for the first time in the years since their Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. The Giants are here to stay and will show their might the rest of this year and for years to come. GO BLUE!

                                                                                 -Your GIANT Fact

                                                                                    Josh Efty