WWE: Anonymous Raw GM and 2/21/11...Could They Be One in the Same?

John BetschelCorrespondent IIFebruary 4, 2011

Now first off I'd just like to say that this is strictly my opinion, I have no websites or facts to back up what I'm saying, and I could be so far off base that I'm not even in the field anymore.

But after reading the article "Ten Infamous Wrestling Moments That Broke Kayfabe," I saw something that caught my attention.

For months and months now, Monday Night Raw has been run by an anonymous G.M.. We have all had our guesses on who the G.M. might be, some have said Michael Cole, The Rock, Steve Austin, HHH, some even say that WWE doesn't even know who their anonymous G.M. is...that they are just running with the story line until they can come up with something.

Also on this past Monday Night Raw, they ran a promo with a person in a black trench coat going by an old house, then the numbers 2/21/11 come up and then fizzle out into the darkness.

This has been driving people CRAZY; I personally didn't see the promo for some reason, but once I got on here to check some wrestling news people were talking about it like The Rock decided to come back and wrestle again.

A lot of people are saying that it's Sting, that he finally decided to come to WWE. Others are saying its The Undertaker, some say HHH or the debuting of Tyler Black aka Seth Rollins, who I've never had the pleasure of seeing wrestle, I've even heard someone mention The Ultimate Warrior, which is a .0000001 chance of it being him if you ask me.

But then as I said in the beginning, I read "Ten Infamous Wrestling Moments That Broke Kayfabe" and it hit me, could it be that the anonymous GM and the 2/21/11 date are one and the same?

Who else would always wear a long black trench coat? Who would be such a shocker of a GM that he has to remain anonymous?

None other than a Mr. Paul E. Heyman!!! I'm actually shocked that I or no one else has thought of this conclusion. Heyman would definitely be a wild card in this whole thing. I personally feel this could make sense.

In the kayfabe article I read, it shows Heyman sticking it to Edge bout the whole Lita/Matt Hardy incident, so that could explain the anonymous GM picking on Edge.

Maybe Heyman would bring Brock Lesnar back into the picture, as we all know he was Lesnar’s manager for much of his WWE career.

Heyman was also the Smackdown GM from 2003-04, so he has the experience. I would personally love to see Heyman as the anonymous GM and the person behind the whole 2/21/11 promo.

Once again this is nothing but speculation, I am purely guessing and have no evidence to back up this claim.

Just something to think about, I feel its possible, tell me what you think?!