Celebrating Wrestling: 10 Famous Wrestling Moments That Broke Kayfabe

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Celebrating Wrestling: 10 Famous Wrestling Moments That Broke Kayfabe

Kayfabe is the wrestling term the industry use to describe scripted events and status quo of the company. Anything seen on TV is kayfabe. The Undertaker is kayfabe "The Deadman" but in real life, he is Mark Calaway.

For The Undertaker to be called Mark Calaway on TV is called breaking kayfabe. Kayfabe is a strict rule the wrestlers follow and breaking such rule often results in punishment. The real life setting is not often used in TV, though that concept is slowly being changed.

One good example of kayfabe is that Kane and The Undertaker are brothers. In real life, they are just employees of the WWE acting out a scripted storyline.

Wrestlers and Announcers try not to break kayfabe but at times, they do. 

WCW is notorious with blurring the lines of real life and kayfabe incorporating real life situations to scripted ones. WCW worked with the concept of confusing the fans with worked shoots to gain viewers. After all, when Scott Hall appeared on WCW acting as a WWF wrestler, it worked so well it's a highly important event in wrestling today.

But what about those legitimate broken kayfabes? Through out the history of wrestling, kayfabe is broken countless times. 

The following are some of those wonderful moments. So relax, enjoy and stroll down memory lane as we dig through YouTube and deliver to you ten moments where kayfabe was violated. After all, how many times do you get to see wrestlers break kayfabe? 

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