Colts-Jaguars: Showdown or "No-down?"

Aaron GlennContributor ISeptember 19, 2008

A jaguar is similar to a leopard. A colt is a young horse.

In nature, one of these two animals would kill the other without a problem.

In the NFL however, it's a tad bit different.

The Indianapolis Colts have numerous injuries.  The Jags have very few.  Some say this is the year the Jags will distinguish themselves in the AFC South.  I have yet to see anything special from them yet.  Their rushing game is very impressive, with a tandem of Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor.  They have also added a few more key players on defense.

The Colts have two key players that are listed as probable, according to The Indianapolis Star: Jeff Saturday (knee) and Dallas Clark (knee) are fully expected to play this Sunday, which will help the Colts immensely.

Saturday's absence from the O-line was very noticeable, because there were three rookies trying to hold off some very big defenders.  Dallas Clark will give Peyton Manning another close range target to throw to instead of only having Anthony Gonzalez.

The Jaguars will run and run and run again, trying to wear down the Colts' worse-than-average run defense while keeping Peyton Manning off of the field. If they can achieve this, the game will be pretty one-sided.

But as I have said before, as long as Manning is on the field, you can never count the Colts out of the game until the final whistle blows. 

The Jags have the best run defense in the NFL, so if the Colts can't establish the run or get Addai in the open field with screen passes, this could be a long day for Manning and the Colts.

My Prediction: Colts-27 Jags-21