Chad Ochocinco vs. Marvin Lewis: TNA Not Serious, but it is Good Business

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Chad Ochocinco vs. Marvin Lewis: TNA Not Serious, but it is Good Business
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Chad Ochocinco

Don't expect to see Chad Ochocinco and Marvin Lewis stepping inside of a steel cage match any time soon.

TNA isn't serious about this.

Just like every other brand on the planet, the goal of every company is to create a buzz—you do things to get publicity. It might not necessarily show as an immediate gain in the results, but it is a smart tactic to keep utilizing.

What's the alternative for a company...keeping quiet?

Someone in TNA keeps a very close eye on the world of professional football. In the past, the company gained a heavy amount of media attention by signing the controversial Adam "Pacman" Jones, who made plenty of headlines with his shenanigans outside of the football field.

Ochocinco is the latest target.

Even though the Cincinnati Bengals ended their season already, Ochocinco still knows how to generate media attention for himself. In fact, it is his draw that caught TNA's attention.

TNA is essentially just throwing the offer out there.

If the media picks up on it (which it might considering that the unpredictable Ochocinco is involved), even better. If it doesn't? It hasn't cost TNA a penny.

Of course, if the match were to somehow happen, get ready to hear TNA's name being mentioned heavily in various media outlets.


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