Devon Alexander Will Defeat Tim Bradley This Saturday in Great Fashion

King JSenior Writer IJanuary 28, 2011

Actual Bet Winning Ticket on Devon Alexander
Actual Bet Winning Ticket on Devon Alexander

This Saturday HBO will provide us with one of the most meaningful super fights that can be made in all of boxing, hence why the fight is being titled "The Super Fight."

Tim Bradley vs. Devon Alexander is the best possible fight that can be made in the 140 lb. division with two undefeated, prime All-American champions fighting each other.

We all know the saying "Someone's '0' Must Go" and in this particular case that someone's "0" will be Tim Bradley's.

KING J, a well-respected boxing expert who has been known to make a significant amount of money off of his boxing expertise will be so kind as to break down why Devon Alexander will be having his hands raised high come Saturday night.

First off the safe bet/prediction is that Tim Bradley will win a decision over Alexander. On paper, usually the faster, more technically sound, experienced fighter wins against the slower, younger less talented fighter. So this may be the reason why so many of the boxing media have sided with Bradley to win this match.

KING J however sees the fight going down a bit differently from the majority.


First off, let's take a look at both of these fighters' résumés. At first glance many would consider Bradley to have the better résumé having fought the better opposition. This may be true depending on how you analyze it. I would argue that the most impressive name on Bradley's résumé is Nate Campbell.

Bradley dominated Campbell with much ease from the opening bell by pretty much smothering the old veteran and never giving him a chance to be relevant in the fight. Ultimately this fight was ruled a NC and judging by Campbell's next fight with Ortiz it was evident that Campbell was already done. So basically this performance against a veteran name like Campbell pretty much ended up not meaning much at all.

An argument can even be made that Alexander has the better resume with fighting and knocking out tougher opponents such as Juan Urango who held his own with elites such as Ricky Hatton and Andre Berto. Alexander has true power as he was the first to knock down and stop Urango.

Yes, Urango is no Mayweather or Pacquiao but he is a tough, rugged fighter and a gatekeeper and again both Hatton and Berto were not able to stop him or knock him down.

I will also go as far as saying that Alexander fighting and defeating Kotelnik is far more impressive than anyone Bradley has on his résumé.

It also seems that most everyone has forgotten that prior to the Kotelnik fight, much of the world viewed Alexander as the most avoided fighter in the sport. No one was daring to sign to fight him until he looked vulnerable in his hometown fight against Kotelnik. Now the same very people who think Bradley will have his way with Alexander totally flipped on their views that they held before the Kotelnik fight.

I would argue that Kotelnik is overall a more complete and accomplished fighter than Bradley is. Even though Kotelnik was landing on Alexander quite frequently in their fight, he was not able to really hurt or stop Alexander from coming at him. I will also argue that Kotelnik hits harder and more accurately than Bradley does.

Kotelnik looked sharp and kept to his tight game plan which gave Alexander trouble in ever really hitting him cleanly due to his superior defense, boxing skills, and counter punching.



Bradley does not have a clean, tight, defensive boxing style. He fights very aggressively, pressuring his opponents with his superior foot and hand speed but he often leaves himself open, and overall he is pretty sloppy and vulnerable as we all saw in the Kendall Holt fight where Bradley was floored hard by leaving himself wide open.

Many are giving the fight to Bradley based on his speed alone, which is undeniable, but again he is wild and aggressive. He does not cleanly utilize his feet to hit and get out of trouble; instead he prefers to jump on his opponents and try to out-muscle and out-work them.

Again, going back to Kotelnik, who is a good boxer and counterpuncher—that is the style to give a fighter like Alexander problems, not an aggressive fighter who is in your face like Bradley trying to out-hustle you.

If Holt was able to knock Bradley down hard then Alexander will definitely do the same and then some. Should Bradley get wild and try to win over the crowd too much he may even get stopped early on.



If you read the press release with all of the media weighing in with their predictions then you, just like me, probably laughed at a number of them. Some so-called boxing experts even stated that Bradley was the harder hitter of the two fighters. What? Were they dyslexic?

The power definitely goes to Alexander hands down. If Alexander lands cleanly on Bradley then he will hurt him and most likely knock him down and stop him.

At the same time Bradley is a high-volume puncher who is much busier than Alexander, but the problem is he lacks any true power to hurt Devon or even enough to make Alexander back up.

Again, Bradley is the more complete, more polished fighter of the two but he is no prime Roy Jones Jr. or Pernell Whittaker; he does get hit, he does leave himself open and, most importantly, he does not get out of harm's way—he stays in the danger zone and relies on his pressure style and work rate to overwhelm his opponents.

Alexander will not be hurt or backed up by Bradley's punches. Instead Devon will keep coming forward as well and look to land his money uppercut clean on the chin.



If you take a close look at the politics behind this fight it is quite obvious that all of the cards tend to favor an Alexander win.

First off, it is my personal opinion that HBO is desperately in need of their next big All-American hero to take the sport to the next level.

With that being said an All-American boxing hero needs a great back story, exciting fighting style that equals power to provide knockouts and they have to be a likeable person—they have to win the hearts of the fans with their smile and face. Which fighter does this best describe of the two?

Yes, we all can agree it is Alexander hands down. Plus you add the fact that his promoter is the infamous, legendary Don King, who has a long history of allegedly, how shall we say..."influencing" the outcome of fights when they go to the judges' score cards.

Alexander has already proven that he is a decent draw. He is from St. Louis and sold out the Scottrade Center and even got the St. Louis Rams to attend his fight and back him. That is star quality right there.

Bradley on the other hand is from Palm Springs, a widely old, retired community with no real sports franchises or sports team fanbase.  

The more you look at the politics the more you see they all clearly favor an Alexander win.

In short, in my eyes, if Bradley is not able to stop or seriously hurt Alexander, then I see a decision or even stoppage by the heavy-handed St. Louis fighter. 

Three weeks ago Alexander was the big underdog at plus 300. Since then the odds are starting to close in significantly. Word has it that KING J has allegedly bet a significant amount of money on Alexander to win and stop Bradley. Should KING J be correct in his bet then he will allegedly win a significant amount of money, so much so that his Hawaii trip will be entirely free.

KING J will also make a YouTube video thanking Devon Alexander from the balcony of his pimp ocean view suite.

Whether KING J is victorious in his bet on Alexander defeating Bradley of course remains to be seen, but either way he will be going to Hawaii—win, lose or draw.

Now if his Hawaii vacation is free or not lies in the hands of the fighter known as Alexander the Great.



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