WWE: Likely Suitors for Awesome Kong When She Becomes a Romantic Comedy Act

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WWE: Likely Suitors for Awesome Kong When She Becomes a Romantic Comedy Act

With Valentine's day just around the corner, it is more than fitting to explore the romantic side of professional wrestling with the cynical prescience that only a jaded wrestling analyst can deliver.  

Awesome Kong is among the more popular wrestling personalities on the Internet.  A very talented representation of what is teetering on becoming an endangered species, in the pure women's wrestler, Kong made her hay in TNA with a memorable feud opposite standout babyface Gail Kim.  

When she decided that getting paid in snowflakes wasn't working out, Kim left TNA for WWE in a move that was as financially savvy as it was career killing.  You can now find Gail Kim standing outside of WWE's broom closet with her arms crossed during the obligatory backstage Cena segment where John Cena greets faceless WWE officials on his way to the ring. 

But all is not lost; Kim has recently received a push in the form of being Daniel Bryan's bottom girl.

Awesome Kong was recently signed by WWE, prompting endangered species enthusiasts, such as Diva Dirt commenters, to become aroused at the possibilities of another Awesome Kong/Gail Kim feud now that the two are under the same umbrella. 

Those poor, naive supporters of women's wrestling. So optimistic. So near-sighted. So flipping wrong.

Awesome Kong has everything going against her coming into WWE.  She has a unique look, she came from the competition, she's not the typical "barbie doll/porn star" Diva. 

Not to mention she's of African-American descent.  While WWE may take her seriously to begin with (LayCool bodyguard, anyone?), it's only a matter of time before her character finds itself embroiled in a ridiculously steamy romantic comedy angle the likes of similarly imposing Divas Chyna and Nicole Bass.

So before the obligatory complaints, on sites like this, about how WWE is killing Awesome Kong get cranked up, why not just embrace the inevitable and proactively break down who would be the top candidates for Awesome Kong's mildly comedic affection?

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