NFL's Week Threes Picks

Matt HunterCorrespondent ISeptember 16, 2008

I know I have not picked the first two weeks, but hey, I've been a busy person. I started grad school and work two jobs. So what better place to write an article than while you are currently at your one job!

I do not pick teams by spreads either. Football games start out 0-0, and whoever has the more points wins. No need to think about who is giving up points and who is getting them. I choose the teams based on how they have done and look, not what Vegas says.

This week has some big match ups. Steelers at Eagles, Cowboys at Packers, and Monday night's Jets at Chargers.

An additional note Frank Compatos and myself will be doing a season long prediction competition.  Since I did not pick for weeks 1 or 2 we are starting this week, and going throughout the rest of the year.
Matt (0-0)
Frank (0-0)

1. Kansas City (0-2) at Atlanta (1-1)

These two teams are at the bottom of the NFL this year, and it seems they have been there for a few years actually. I like how Matt Ryan has looked so far, being thrown into the lion's den in his first year and all. The Chiefs just look awful this year, and I think their woes continue in Week Three.

Falcons 23 - Chiefs 17

2.  Oakland (1-1) at Buffalo (2-0)

Is it just me or does Buffalo look like a contender for a playoff spot? They came out this year and beat up on a Seattle team, and last week they took it to the Jaguars as well. Oakland is starting to now look like a NFL football team. They are beginning to bring it all together and soon that should pay off for them, but not this week.

Bills 30 - Raiders 20

3.  Tampa Bay (1-1) at Chicago (1-1)

This game should be a pretty evenly-matched game this weekend. The Bears seem to have picked the right QB this season and so far, Orton has looked good. Tampa Bay is having some QB issues at the moment, but I do not think it should matter too much for them. I give the game to Chicago because they are at home.

Bears 21 - Bucs 17

4.  Houston (0-1) at Tennessee (2-0)

Houston looked horrible in Week One against the Steelers. They had nothing really going for them, and the O-line is looking weak again this year. How can Vince Young be depressed? His team is 2-0?!

Tennessee is looking good all around, and Week Three looks like they will continue the winning.

Titans 27 - Texans 13

5.  Carolina (2-0) at Minnesota (0-2)

Carolina has looked good in their first two wins this season. Beating a very good San Diego team at San Diego, and then winning again last week against Chicago. They are starting to look like a team again, and it seems that a healthy Jake Delhomme is what they needed all along.

Minnesota, on the other hand, is having a run of bad luck. Giving up 18 points in the second half against the Colts is not what they needed, especially for a young group like themselves. I think they bounce back though this week.

Vikings 27 - Panthers 24

6.  Miami (0-2) at New England (2-0)

Miami is just like Miami of the past few years, the only difference is that they are not losing as badly this year. I will give it to them though; they are beginning to play decent football. Parcells is really turning them around with all of his acquisitions in the offseason. 

New England, not too much to say about them. Who needs Tom Brady when you have the no-experience Matt Cassel to back him up. New England catches a break this week by playing the Dolphins, and Cassel gets to look like a Pro-Bowl QB.

Patriots 31 - Dolphins 10

7.  Cincinnati (0-2) at NY Giants (2-0)

OK, I am going to just say it: The Bengals are AWFUL. They have not looked good yet in this young season, but still, with the players they have, they should not be looking as bad as they are. 

The Giants, on the other hand, are keeping the wave of the Super Bowl rolling and have won two games soundly. This will be the same again this week.

Giants 30 - Bengals 10

8.  Arizona (2-0) at Washington (1-1)

I have no idea how Arizona is 2-0 to tell you the truth. Flip-flopping QBs all offseason and how bad they both looked would make you think they were going nowhere again. They do have a sound receiving corps, though, and a good backfield.

Washington is slowly proving that they are as good as what people thought they would be. QB Campbell needs to improve though if wants to take his team to the next level.

Redskins 20 - Cardinals 17

9.  Detroit (0-2) at San Francisco (1-1)

No offense to either of these teams, but I think I would rather watch a Days of Our Lives marathon than this game. Both teams are still horrible, and Kitna just needs to shut up already. He runs his mouth so much, and every week he is left pulling his foot out of it.

A bright side is that 49ers QB O'Sullivan has looked pretty good so far, which is a big step up from Alex Smith. Kitna is wrong again this week, like most.

49ers 28 - Lions 17

10.  St. Louis (0-2) at Seattle (0-2)

Wow, two 0-2 teams from the same division playing. I think this one should just end in a tie. These two teams are looking bad for a second-straight year, and for some reason, they cannot get out of that path. I still like the soon to be 1-2 Rams.

Rams 30- Seahawks 20

11. New Orleans (1-1) at Denver (2-0)

Denver might as well put an * by their record because they should never have won last week. This is how the game is played though, so we will give it to them for the gutsy call to go for two.

The Saints are looking good again. They are a pretty well-rounded team, and this will help them go places this year.  I still do not see them pulling this one out, at least not up in that thin air.

Broncos 24 - Saints 21

12.  Pittsburgh (2-0) at Philadelphia (1-1)

Now, I am from western Pennsylvania, so in no way will I pick the Eagles (yes, I know you are not suppose to be bias, but hey, I do not get paid to do this). The Steelers have looked strong the first two weeks. The defense hits hard, and it is impossible to run the ball on them.

Roethlisberger has looked very good, too. If only he can learn to throw the ball away instead of taking the sack.

The Eagles are back to top form this year, and McNabb looks like the QB of old. This interstate rivalry will just continue again this Sunday, but my Steelers pull it out.

Steelers 20 - Eagles 14

13.  Jacksonville (0-2) at Indianapolis (1-1)

Jacksonville has not looked too good this year to start out, and it looks like the playoff light will get a bit dimmer for them this week. Peyton Manning is starting to get his rhythm back, and the Colts are only a few weeks away from running on all cylinders.

Colts 30 - Jaguars 20

14.  Cleveland (0-2) at Baltimore (1-0)

Well, whoever said that Cleveland was a contender this year has apparently not seen the history of the Browns. They look bad, and they will not be competing for even a wild-card spot this year.

Baltimore is in woes, too. They cannot rely solely on Flacco's arm to win games. The defense is their only saving grace, but it will not help them make the playoffs either.

Ravens 23 - Browns 17

15.  Dallas (2-0) at Green Bay (2-0) - Sunday Night

This is going to be a great game. You have two QBs still trying to make a name for themselves, and each has a powerhouse offense. The defenses also match up well with another.

I give the edge to the Cowboys, even though they are at Lambeau. It is still September, and that helps Tony Romo and his 'Boys pull this one out.

Cowboys 30 - Green Bay 20

16.  NY Jets (1-1) at San Diego (0-2) - Monday Night

Brett Favre cannot pull the Jets through this one, especially in San Diego. The Chargers have to win this game, and I think they are playing with a lot anger now after starting the season at 0-2. I see them coming out firing and continuing that style of play throughout the game.

Chargers 31 - Jets 17

Well those are my picks for Week Three, and if you do not like them, well, let me know, but I am not changing them. Hopefully I know as much as I think I know!


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