WWE WrestleMania: 9 Outrageous Choices to Break the Undertaker's Streak

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WWE WrestleMania: 9 Outrageous Choices to Break the Undertaker's Streak

As we move closer to the Royal Rumble, the festive season of WWE fans begins. The Wrestlemania, the grandest stage of them all lures on the horizon and boy we cannot be more excited.

The moment we speak about Wrestlemania, we think about the deadman, the Undertaker and his streak. Everyday we start having numerous articles on whether the streak should be broken or not. Who should face him?

Of course, it is because we love the man and his streak is closer to our hearts than to his own heart. As fans, we are possessive of his streak and apart from few golden boys, we cannot fathom the prospect of the streak being broken by anybody. It has become sacred in a way. The streak is undoubtedly the attraction of Wrestlemania.

I have to decided to take advantage of our sentiments. I have decided to get some cheap heat here. I have chosen few people as my outrageous choices to end the streak. These are people, who might be really talented, but if they break the streak, gosh there will be serious riot. People will flame and destroy anything related to WWE in their sight.

Disclaimer - This is not a serious article and analysis. This is the just for some fun and smiles. It is simply outrageous set of prediction that cannot come true in this millennium.

Note : This article was inspired by the article of Jeff Awesome, which you can enjoy here.

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