2012 BCS Championship Odds: It's Never Too Early

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2012 BCS Championship Odds: It's Never Too Early

Vegas has released the most preliminary of preliminary odds for the 2012 BCS Championship. Behold:

Oklahoma 7/2 Mississippi State 50/1
Alabama 15/2 South Carolina 50/1
Florida State 10/1 Georgia 50/1
Boise State 12/1 Iowa 60/1
LSU 12/ Missouri 60/1
Oregon 14/1 Cincinnati 75/1
Florida 15/1 Michigan 75/1
Nebraska 18/1 North Carolina 75/1
Penn State 20/1 California 100/1
TCU 20/1 Clemson 100/1
Ohio State 20/1 Pittsburgh 100/1
Texas 20/1 South Florida 100/1
Stanford 25/1 Tennessee 100/1
Virginia Tech 28/1 Utah 100/1
Wisconsin 28/1 Arizona 100/1
Notre Dame 30/1 BYU 125/1
Oklahoma State 30/1 Oregon State 125/1
West Virginia 30/1 Texas Tech 125/1
Arkansas 30/1 Washington 125/1
Texas A&M 35/1 Arizona State 125/1
Michigan State 40/1 Georgia Tech 125/1
Auburn 50/1 Kansas State 150/1
Miami 50/1 Boston College 150/1
Mississippi 50/1 UCLA 150/1

Perhaps the item of greatest interest to anyone actually reading this is that Vegas apparently thinks Nebraska is your Big Ten favorite—not The Ohio State University.

Or, at least they believe they have the best odds of winning the MNC. Those seem like the same thing to me but maybe there is a subtle distinction I am missing.  

Penn State is also given the same billing as Ohio State at 20/1, which is really a slap in the face to the Nittany Lions considering Ohio State is without five starters for a decent portion of the season due to suspensions.

“We think you are good.  About as good as Ohio State minus several key offensive starters. What?”

A couple of meltdowns from 2010—Florida and Texas—have better than suspected odds at this stage of game.

In case you are wondering, the field is 10/1.

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